Thursday, October 04, 2007

high heels for high hopes

so what do u do after feeling all tense revising for the next day paper? curl up on ur bed? download movies? hehehe...

this morning i googled shoes.. what?? ya haa...woman shoes..high heels to be specific..

i'm thinking when i turn 21, i will start wearing heels all the time..hehehe... why all of the sudden?? biaselah.. every girl love shoes.. and sadly for me, i just start crazying for heels when i'm 20, bcos bfore this i'm kinda feel uncomfortable with my feet.. i'm a size 7 so macam seganla.. kaki gajah kan. gajah xle pakai heels kan..huahuahua.. lgpn almost every display shoes available are in size everytime nk try i have to ask the promoter for my size and typically everytime cakap size 7 they'll be like..surprise and xde stock.. hello.. size 7 je kot..bukan 17..(sedapkn ati..)

but now da besa skit i start to think actually org xheran pun..kite je yg ske terase lebih2.. so officially my current window shopping destination are shoes store.. hahaha.. tp 'window' jelah kann..=P nothing wrong in cuci mata rite? nasib baikla i'd overcome my spending habit yg teruk dulu, so i still can be ecstatically happy by just viewing and trying all the shoes without actually buying it..=P

let me share with u some of my eye candies...

i call these the JAW DROPPERS



these babies are soo YUMMY i feel like eating them... (puase..puasee..)

sweet and chomel..

sgt irresistable kan..


these COLORFUL bunch took my attention... but some like 'em some dont..

i personally lust this LV..

WEDGES are my favourite...
i love them bcos i can run wearing them..
betull.. xcaye..? seriously.. i was wearing the 4inch wedges and running to catch the bus somewhere in PUDU...hahaha.. and just recently bought 2inch wedges at Alamanda...=P

ape yg best nye kasut tinggi2 ni?

here are 2 major benefit that i can think of for now..

benefit ONE..
u'll look TALLER..(obviously lah kan..), SLIMMER, OUTSTASNDING..(if u were walking in with a bunch of other girls) and make u MORE CONFIDENT..
but if ur boyfriend just a few inch taller, make sure u didn't make him look short if u want to consider wearing heels when going out together or else he's the one who will be losing confidence..=D

benefit TWO..
u can use it as a WEAPON.. we never knew what might happen to us, so these babies can come in handy in times kalau2 kte kene rompak ke, kene culik (in this case the heels are the most suitable la..nk2 stilletoes kn..leh mati tau..xcaye tgk CSI..) or even in desperate moment like kene kejar anjing or org make sure lepas baling amik balik la..sayang wooo...=P all make sense okay.. haha..i'm gonna stop browsing the shoes rite now bcos i have more microP notes calling to be be EAT..i mean READ...hehe..wish me luck...!

p/s: hey i'm gonna turn 21 in 2 months time..time to say goodbye to sandals, flip flops and slipa jepun... =D


Hannah Johary said...

hye dya! waa can see u cant wait to grow up! hehe..

wondering when will i grow up & dump all my sandals & flip flops & fav budak2 shoes..

bila dah kahwin kot.


dya said...

ohoho..kalau tggu kawin lmbt lagi la i nk grow up..hahaha...

GurL-FriDay said...

hey dont worry.
im a size 7 too and i love heels.
just that i dont wear them often.
but i love collecting them.
i hope this will make you feel better, paris hilton wears a 9 or a 10.
she has much bigger feet than ours. [=

dya said...

haha really..great! next time ppl told me i'm a 'kaki gajah' i'll tell them paris's leg are the mother of all


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