Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Koh Lipe adventure Part 2 : Koh Lipe - Koh Adang

Sunday, 21st Sept.

Our van arrived at Pak Bara terminal around 11am and I met 2 couples from Malaysia and 1 Singaporean guy who I spent time with on the island. One of the guy turned out to be my senior in MMU. (the purple shirt guy in the picture with his girlfriend) what a small world. 

Inside the speedboat
The boat depart from Pak Bara at 11.30am and we arrived on the island 1.30pm and it was raining the whole way to Koh Lipe. 

Upon arrival

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe on a rainy day

I checked in at a place called Harmony Bed and Bakery. My first choice was Mountain Resort when I was planning to go with my family. But since I ended up going alone and I have 3 trips on September and need to monitor the expenses, I chose this one. It cost me RM74 per night, have aircond and wifi and looks nice on Agoda. It was not by the beach but near enough and its near the walking street which I love.
Turns out, I really love the place. It was like, my own personal crib on the island.
The TV have HBO channel and most importantly it shows EPL matches, with Thai commentary. Hehe. Since i've already missed Arsenal game the night before, I'm glad that i could still watch Man Utd got thumped by Leicester City and after that City and Chelsea draw. All during my holiday time. Haha. What a bliss.
Ok back to the hotel. It was very neat. Staffs were friendly, I got complementary drinks upon arriving, they have pipes to watch your sandy feet before going up to your rooms and most importantly wifi.
Good wifi connections.

 Hot shower!

They also have this bakery downstairs that sell good muffins and coffee. I had the blueberry muffin and hazelnut coffee on my second day. Love them.

I know I always think myself as adventurous but when it comes to accommodation, I still need civilized necessities like air-cond, hot shower and wifi (bonus if they have sports channel on their television) So 5 stars to Harmony Bed and Bakery!:D

But if you want to enjoy holiday that is closer to nature you can still get a lot of that bamboo made huts with fans, mosquito net and hammock. Like, Castaway Resort. This particular room is directly facing the sunrise beach so when you take off the blinds, you will naturally be woken up by sunrise. 

One of the huts.

Oh after arriving on the island, I settle down all my stuffs. Go online for a little bit. I didnt get internet connection for a day, so I was like a fish finding water at the time. 

Nothing we can do that day cos its still raining and its already like 3pm by the time I'm done with my checkins, foursquare, swarmed and everything. So I met Eugene and the two couples, we just walk around the Walking Street find something to eat and chatted until about 6pm.

A lot of bars and other shops in the Walking Street are closed during this time for upgrading and reconstruction.

 Our plan to go to Sunset beach got cancelled because I'm afraid of dogs. Heh.
Hard to believe I'm scared of something, but no I'm not telling the story about dogs here, that could be another post of its own later. hehe.

Monday, 22nd Sept.

Finally, the day I've been waiting for, after all I've been through in the past 2 days, I finally got my rewards, island hopping + tour + snorkelling trip.
And thank to God, the day was bright and shiny.

No we didn't follow this package. This are package for high-season. 

For ours, we skip all the  eastern parts due to high tides. Went to 5 spots around Koh Lipe and Koh Adang and for 6 person its only cost 2400THB including lunch. Damn cheap.:D

Unlike Perhentian, where we go island hopping using speedboats, here they use the longtail boats. 
A bit slow and steady but, we got all the time in the world so who cares.:D

Koh Hin Ngam, the island of stones.

This is our first destination, it literally made up of stones, no sand whatsoever.

The Island also comes with curses. So beware:D

All of the stack of stones done by previous tourists.

My 12 tier masterpiece.

That is actually Koh Lipe, seen from Koh Hin Ngam

Why is all these pictures looks nice on my phone but not on my computer? T_T

Koh Adang.

Koh Adang is kind of a biggest brother of all the island there, hovering above little Koh Lipe.
Where all the developments and parties are everywhere in Lipe, Adang is more laid back, low profile and serene.

Not only it have white beach and clear water, it also have waterfalls.

Pirate's fall, Koh Adang

After Koh Adang we went to this small island near Koh Lipe called Koh Kra, we didn't go to the island but the boat man said the underwater is nice for snorkelling.

And ya it was damn nice.

Actually they got a lot of sea urchins here. I mean A LOT a lot.
They also have jellyfish here, but luckily I managed to not get stung.:D

I swear the clam was moving but its not when I try to take a video of it.:(

Tuesday, 23rd Sept.

So last day. I couldn't actually sleep well during all the nights I'm here. I will wake up every one or two hours. But I don't know why I couldn't think of waking up to watch the sunrise the day before.

After waking up few times, at almost 6 only I realize that I should go watch the sunrise. Since I already blow my chance of sunsets. So I run as fast as I could to the shore and able to witness this.(^_^)

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe

Then I went back to my room and pack up my stuffs. Boats will leave the island at 9am.

Saying goodbye.

My company on this trip,
Tommy, Tong, (look how obvious my sunburn is standing next to the leng luis) Ruby, Loon, and Eugene.

From, floating jetty, Koh Lipe on the background.

On the return trip, these longtail boats brought us to the floating jetty further up the shore because the speedboats couldn't go near the beach for the risk of damaging the corals.

Pak Bara Terminal

The return ticket from Lipe to Pak Bara include van ride from Pak Bara to Tammalang Jetty. Cost 600THB. Still cheap considering during peak season the PakBara-Lipe boats itself already cost 650THB excluding the van or whatever.

Tammalang Jetty

The King of all crabs - Tammalang Jetty, Satun, Thailand.

So I took a ferry back from Tammalang back Langkawi and I'm in Malaysia again.

My suggestion, if anybody wants to go there from Langkawi, please go on November onwards, when there's direct speedboats available from Langkawi to Koh Lipe itself. 

Other way is to take a flight to Hatyai.
Or just drive there by car. But if you're driving, you have to study the roads first.

So in short, it was a trip full of unexpected events for me, but still it was worth it. Somewhat unsatisfactory but worth it. I might want to return back there to visit Koh Rawi and Koh Khai, to see the archway and maybe just, enjoy the island a little more. We'll see about that. 

My next island trip will be next year. If God's will. Based on this trip, there's a lot I have to prepare and expect.
I can't wait.:)


Aidi-Safuan said...

you went there all by yourself?
u're a very brave girl!
thumbs up to u

Nadira R said...

hi, thanks.but koh lipe is basically langkawi's backyard. i still met malaysians/sporean there.

There are girls who went backpacking solo through Europe.
For me, THAT is bravery.:)


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