Friday, March 22, 2013

Some thoughts..

Well semalam result SPM keluar.
So siapa yang dapat result bagus congrats and those who not. Don't fret.

Straight A's in SPM ni macam escalator.
those who get lesser A's maybe kena naik tangga.

You will still 'get there', just the 'means of transportation' of getting there might be a bit different.

Contoh orang straight A nak pergi Ipoh diorang naik ETS.
Orang with less A's maybe naik bas ekspress.
Orang with no A's pulak kena naik bas lompat.

Logic lah kan.

Tapi best lah kalau dapat straight A's kan ade chance dapat scholar dan pegi belajar oversea.
Muda-muda da ada experience hidup tempat orang.

Tapi yang tak pun akan dapat experience, different ones, locally, but not necessary less good than the oversea students kan.

Yang penting positive and determined.
And tahu jalan mana nak pergi.

Ingat, don't live to people's expectation. Kalau ada makcik-makcik yang mengata itu ini, kena ambik itu, kena amibik ini, suruh pegi matrix or mesti pegi U ni atau U tu, jangan dengar. Ilmu boleh dapat kat mana-mana. Common people ni mulut memang macam tu sikit. Pedulikan.

So find your passion, find a way, and pursue it. Yang penting kita happy. Tak payah nak kejar sangat nak jadi doctor, lawyer, engineer semua. Unless kalau betul-betul minat.
If not find something you love to do.

Kena hentikan mentality yang orang yang berjaya dalam hidup is orang yang kaya and kerja gaji besar,rumah besar kereta besar.
Kalau rumah besar, kereta besar, hutang keliling pinggang success kah namanya ituw?
Success isn't equal to wealth.

If nak kaya, belajar macamana nak jadi kaya. Belajar finance, pelaburan, apa-apalah. Bukan belajar engineering. Hehe.
Get what I mean.

Career should be something you love to do.

So again stop the mentality yang kite kena ambik science stream untuk berjaya atau dapat result straight A's untuk dapat kerja bagus.
Yes it helps, but again, go back to what you love to do. But please don't say your passion is nak jadi penyanyi atau pelakon atau artis. Please.
I mean real job.

Like me, I found what I like a bit too late.
In my final year in uni I figured out that I like languages and psychology.
But I like engineering too, so no regrets lah, maybe I can learn other languages on the side. I can make do.

Because I'm not a 'what if' person. I believe in Allah's fate. Kalau kita tak end up buat something yg kita impikan, tu maknanya that thing is not good for us. What I'm doing now is what God think the best for me.

And I know what I want. I never wanted to be a CEO or super rich or anything.
I just want to be happy.
I have enough money for my keperluan and some kehendak.
And my work is stressful enough to my capabilities.

So Alhamdulillah syukur.=)

Lagipun tak bagus if you always think of 'what if's. Korang akan sentiasa dwell on the past, benda yg xboleh diubah and korang tak boleh move on. And tak boleh happy and worst tak bersyukur.
'Kalau la haritu aku buat ni..'
'Kalau la aku amik offer tu dulu..'
'Kalau lah aku kawin dengan org tu dulu..'

Sila percaya takdir Tuhan. HE knows what best for us. So move on.

Saya? Oh saya 3A je.
If only somebody tell me this when I got the result. I wont be spending 3 months crying my lungs out thinking my life is over when in fact it's not.

So go find your dream and live it. Good Luck!(^_^)

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