Monday, January 21, 2013

Of training and stuffs

On Saturday and Sunday I have this BOFA & CPR training at the office. Safety stuffs.
So on Saturday, they did this basic health check for each person.

Last time I checked my weight is on June 2012.
About 6 months ago, prolly before I started working, or maybe just started working.

So, they ask us to write down our age and height, and the magic weight scale will read our weight, BMI, body fat, metabolic rate and everything else in between.

Last time I check the machine calculated my height as well, but this time I can't remember what my height was so I put 163cm. Apparently it was 164cm but nevermind, just 1cm different.

My previous weight was 51.2kg and BMI is around 19.
And my current weight is 53.4kg and BMI is 20.10. And my metabolic age is 4 years younger than my actual age. hehe.

I don't mind that, its just, I've gained 2.2kilos in the last 6 months! That's not good news.
I do feel a little bit heavier around the middle area - tummy and waist.

This is definitely the results from all the nasi I ate during lunch and at one point I had nasi lemak for breakfast for the whole week straight. Kinda freaked me out a little. So mission this month, less nasi intake. Not the amount, just the when.

So more of the training later. Kalau rajin.=P

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