Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New cave

As of 27th February 2012, I am no longer a Cyberjayans.
Cyberjayese? Cyberians?

..Cybertrons? :D

New place, new housemates, ..new cat.

Since my Siamese cat died after being poisoned by a cruel neighbour 10 years ago, Mom wont let us have any cats, because she doesn't want to experience another cat funeral.

So years without cats has made me unable to tolerate cats.

For me they are some annoying, toe sniffing, furniture scratching, attention seeking, ass showing creature. 
Cute to see, to play with, No thanks.

So anyway, this is my housemates boy kitty.

He's fluffy.

He's been meddling with my 'unpacking project' since I step foot in the house.
Now after 2 days, there's no bags and boxes he never been in and no pillows his butt haven't sat on. 

But somehow I can tolerate with this one even though his fur is all over my clothes..and laptop.

Eh, what was I saying again?

Oh moving to a new house. No reason at all, I just feel like it.(^_^)


Abg Stalker said...

pindah rmh da.knp?sory la,sy lama da x mai sini. :D sory,lately x actv blogging sgt.

missnadira said...

haha saje.
tu la abg stalker da bersara dr blogging ke ape ni?:P


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