Thursday, June 07, 2012

Place to stay:Checked

After been living like a nomad for 2 weeks, (half of my stuffs are still in the car) I finally found a room here in Cyberjaya(yey!). I got the best deal I can get, and so it happens the owner of the house is one of my Tech Comm assignment mate in my first year. She was already in her second year that time. And now she's pursuing her Masters (respect!) and the rest of the tenants are MMU students. My great juniors. Haha. So hopefully, things will turn out okay.

Google pic

I was on my way back to Cyber yesterday when I realize, most of the people works in Cyberjaya and then they find some place else to live. Mostly in nearby area such as Puchong, Putrajaya or Seri Kembangan.
I, on the contrary, WANTED to stay in Cyberjaya since my first year, and few weeks ago searching for a job in the neighbouring area. (There are not much of Engineering related companies in Cyberjaya.)
So now I'm living my dream. Not much but well..kinda. :P:P

Yes, it's quite pricey here but hey if you want it, you WANT it.

I'm the type of person who'll get easily attached to something/someone I close with. After my hometown, Cyberjaya is the only place that feels like home. A town I'm very familiar with. And some of my close friends are still here. And lived here, and if they're not, they'll come lepak here every now and then.=P
I don't want to start over in a new place, new communities and have to learn the roads and everything. It's like starting a new relationship. You have to get to know that new person all over again. Start from scratch. I don't like it.
I want to stick to one particular 'relationship' if possible.=P

This is MMU Chancellery Hall or as we call it - Bangunan Telur

So no more crashing in my friends house,
Belle, please thank your mom for her great hospitality. Your mother and sisters are the coolest.
Anne, thanks for the stay. Meh la cari rumah kat Cyber jugak.=P
And Azue, I will still crash in your room every now and then. hahaha

Oh anyway, today's my mom birthday.
Happy birthday Mummy Chula!
Love ya!

**Oh besok Euro start. First match - Poland Vs Greece. Time to watch Sczcesny in action.
About time la, bosan gila lama takde match bola.=P


LaLa mhdnor said...

nice place :)

Al Kisah said...

tak boring ke stay kat cyber..

missnadira said...

alkisah:taklah..bes je..jalan xsesak..tak bising..aman je:P

Anonymous said...

Bestnya ada swimming mall banyak tak kat situ..:)

missnadira said...

cyberjaya xde shoping mall..paling dekat pun alamanda..maybe soon.sbb skarang tgh banyak construction around cyberjaya ni..


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