Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's December!

December is already like a new year to me. This month is when I usually make my new year resolution because it's already a new year in Muslim calendar, and also, my birthday month.yey!(^_^)

So these are the things I want to do more often next year. Not quite a resolution, just things I hope I have willingness, time(and friends) to do.=P
  • Read the Quran more. 
    • Not just reading it, but understands it. You know how the kids are encouraged to khatam the Quran at young age, but most of the time it's just recital, without understanding the content. Now that I'm older, I'll try to understand it better. InsyaAllah.
  • Learn another language. 
    • Well, I tried learning Mandarin this year, from few self-taught books, Mr Google and Jay Chou songs. :P I can say my level of fluency is about 5% now. (hehehe)
    •  Or Russian, or French. I don't know,any language.:P
  • Learn how to swim.
    • I can't believe I still can't swim. I told myself to learn how to swim many gazzilion years ago.T__T..
  • Force my dad to go on a vacation. 
    • Even use physical coercion if I have to.
  • Wall climbing.
    • I've done it once and LOVE IT! but none of my friends wanted to go again after that.:(
The moment when I believe I have superpowers.:P
  • Zorbing. 
    • Yess, I always wanted to see how ridiculous I look rolling around inside a big ass plastic ball down a hillside.:P
  • Roller-skating. 
    • I'm only a few bruises away from being able to do the Slalom you know. (heheh)
  • End my neverending battle with sleep
    • In other words - Sleep Early.:P
That's all I can think of for now. I want to keep it simple and achievable before I put something like 'going to Emirates' and 'marry Thomas Vermaelen.' 

Happy December peeps!(^_^)

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