Friday, December 02, 2011

A boring way to kill the boredom

I'm gonna read more.

I used to love to read, but it was like a lifetime ago. In primary school, I had my name on most of the books in the library. I believe it's teenage phase that screwed me up.:P
Last week, I found a few novels in a box under my bed.(hee)  I figured since I'll be bored until pretty much January, why not read them. I'm already dead bored watching numerous TV series and playing Super Mario all the time even books become interesting.=P

The 2 books at the bottom are compilation of 4 novels. 
So you see only 4 books, but I actually read 10 books.(heh)


Joy said...

Finish The Prodigal Daughter! good read.

missnadira said...

tau..suda baca sekerat.bes jga la..the old friend of the family tu pun so far bes..hahaha..


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