Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F*** Hennessey

Arsenal 1 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
The Emirates Stadium

I'm in raaaage right now. grrrrr.
This is what we called a 'lost' draw. When 2 points have been stolen from our bag right under our noses by Wayne Hennessey.

I don't know what's with these middle/lower table club's goalies that makes them turned super God-mode whenever they met a club from the top half of the table. I used to think its only when they met Arsenal they did that but starting this season, when I watch Chelsea's and Liverpool's game as well I started to think we're not alone in this.

Last season I'm overly irritated with Newcastle's goalie Tim Krul. He saved all sort of our shots on goals like his life's hanging on it.

Last two night when I watch Liverpool vs Rovers game, Mark Bunn made a sensational save at the end of injury time, and if I were a Liverpool fan I'd probably threw a chair on someones TV. I thought, ouch, sorry Liverpool fans, you're not gonna catch us. But I regret that cynical comment as it somehow kinda jinxed our game.

With Robin Van Persie's aiming a calendar year record, I figured he played in a rush and somehow a little impatient and at some point he's at rage with God knows who and got all frustrated at the end. The other players were also a bit too impatient and I agree they 'wanted it' too much that they lose composure and the ability to just play it in a more calmly manner. I don't know where the hell did the equalizing goal came from  and when Wayne Hennessey denied Van Persie, Mertersacker, Arshavin, Vermaelen and every other red shirts on the field, it just make me wish Oh just broke your wrist or anything already! 
But that'd be evil.

I'm pissed because it's last season all over again, failing to take advantage to opportunities other team had kindly provide to us earlier. Chelsea's draw and even Man City's draw. See, even West Brom manage to hold City, heck, they were the first to hold City from scoring all season.

Then again I signed up for this, what do I expect? If I want to support the team that win every other day, I'd be supporting Barcelona or even Manchester City for that matter.=P

That's that. As much as I,all the Gooners and Van Persie himself wants to break the record, I'm more interested in seeing him fit and all intact rather than injured from trying to chase some record, so Mr Wenger, do whatever you have to do, I'll be here watching. No biggie. Till next game. Peace. (^_^)v

Pictures source: YahooUkEuroSport


Abg Stalker said...

amboi kemain semangat lg dia. :)sy x minat bola yes.tempatan pny pun tgk klu free klu ada game kt stadium,tv,sanggup berhabis duit bli tiket.nk suka2 je.

Alkisah said...

chills kay.. tak der rezeki.. nak buat camana.. hennessey memang power..

missnadira said...

Abg stalker : Mestila. I find bliss in watching EPL football.kinda pathetic I know.:P tp rugby pun best. adik saya pernah ajar tengok, macam menarik jugak.tapi malas nak mula.:P

alkisah: Hennesey tak power sangat alkisah...atleast tak power gile2 la..tapi bile time lawan Arsenal je yang tetbie gempak macam ape..=.=

tp sy da chill da..haha

EG said...

nak menang setiap game serius susah. Every club has their own day. Peace =)

aaron aziz said...

very frustrating week.hope they'll bounce back against qpr

poor rvp undone to overtake sheare record huhu

missnadira said... against qpr is on 31st dec.if he somehow miraculously boleh score hatrick that day still boleh overtake record shearer ape..hahaha
(optimist tak kena tempat):P:P


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