Monday, November 08, 2010


Arsenal 0 - 1 Newcastle
The Emirates Stadium

I should lower my expectation next time.

I should learn not to take this very seriously.

I should learn that this is supposed to make me happy.

Not to scare the crap outta me and make me stress for the next 24hours or so.


Krul is a pig and Caroll is a Pigdzilla.

Oh.yet another example of "jangan seronok lebih nanti nangis". I was overly joyful on the weekends.

I should've expect this.


Tido time.

*Updated after 2am*

Thankyouverymuch Torres. You are one hell of goodlooking guy. The brunette do was great on you.
Oh and your second goal..urggghhhhh disgustingly remarkable..!(^_^)

Looks like im gonna sleep with a smile on my face after all.:P:P


Saleh Hamdi said...

pigdzilla~ oso wouldn't expect dat..
all of this while, i think Arsenal is the best at Emirates..
but i guess they dont hve luck..
Torres FTW~ :D

missnadira said...

hehe..tak jugak.arsenal home record agak tak berapa boleh consider as consistant..
haha..tapi match plis!.:P


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