Friday, November 11, 2011

Luke Evans

I went to Alamanda to watch Immortals earlier today.
Goodness me where do I start! hahaha.. it have all the elements I love in a movie. You know..if you kinda person who love movies about ancient empires, magic bows, the one with blood and gores and stuffs.

Well if you love 300 you'll love this one.

So overall I can grab the big picture of the story, not the very detail of it. The actions, visuals and sound effects on the other hand was super. Like I said to my friend this is not the movie you buy a CD and watch at home alone. Nope. No can do.

Not only you have to have somebody beside you when you jumped off your seat in horror in one of the scene but you got to have somebody you can ask 'Which God was that again?' or 'Where now?', you'll be commentating throughout the movie. So If you watch it alone you'll look like a retard. No I'm kidding.=P

Well another thing is the cast. There's a lot of familiar faces in there. The faces that is not that popular before, but you've seen them somewhere.

There's  the girl from Slumdog Millionaire, the villain who cuts Tony Stark's car in half using his electric whip in Iron Man 2, the hot girl who seduces Sam Witwicky before she turned to an alien robot in Transformers 2,  and I swear I saw one of the Cullens somewhere in the movie. He somehow managed to upgrade his immortal nonsense of a vegetarian vampire to one of the Greek Gods. Good for you!:P

And of course the one I've been swooned over from the beginning of the movie and wondering 'Where do I know this guy from?' , is Luke Evans.

And silly me, I watched The 3 Musketeers before I watch this movie. I do have a memory of an elephant. Yes offense elephants. T_T

Before being one of the 3 Musketeers, Luke also has played one of the Greek Gods in Clash of The Titans. Aah.. Clash of The Titans, another great movie.

Back to Immortals, I forgot to mention the main character who played Theseus, the character suits him alright but when I look at his impossibly symmetrical abs I can't think of anything rather than wondering what bra size will he be wearing if he fail to maintain all the muscles he got going on there. 

I'm sorry but I'm one of those girls who always having a hard time finding overly huge and bulky muscles attractive. Hence, going back to Luke Evans as Zeus.=D

Zeus and Athena 

I really have to update my most attractive guy list. (^_^)

Seriously guys and girls, go watch Immortals! 

Oh and I'm still in the progress of changing my blog layout. So mind the mess okay. Nite2 peeps. *Off to bed*


Alkisah said...

serious ka.. alkisah lama tak g menonton wayang

missnadira said... la tengok.banyak cerita best sekarang.:P

ururu said...

cerita dia xde la best sangat cam 300.. but so much better than Clash of the Titans lah.

so that's it.. Aramis.. patut la cam penah tengok muke zeus. lol.

n i think that Theseus are suited to be Clark Kent..

missnadira said...

aah tak sebest sy ske jugak!hehe..
yup2..theseus tu mmg akan belakon jd clark kent in the latest superman movie kan?


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