Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday was the Season 3 Finale of Drop Dead Diva and I can only obsessed about one thing...



...is gorgeous!


I love her unique eyes.. and her long straight hair.. and her smile..
And  her orange turquoise outfit.


Oh and the finale was.. how to put it in words.. heartwarming?  In other perspective, any ending that closes with One Republic's song can't never go wrong...
Can't wait for Season 4..=)


originalME said...

Asal nk hired maid plak? Hired manager/PA laa:) nk email: kakdiha nk add to my blog. Private balik sbb xbape nk cool kalo buat public. ahaha. sengal!

missnadira said...

oh ye kann..saye lupe pulak psl manager and PA haha..good idea! :P
aik private blik? hahaha ni emel.dyaz1412@gmail.com..:P


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