Thursday, August 25, 2011

To sum it up

Well apparently both of them didn't saw the sign. They should make a bigger one, perhaps someother time. Enough about that. 

I watched ManUtd game against Spurs few nights ago. I think I can see whats lacking in Arsenal team when I watched them play.

What Arsenal DON'T have that ManUtd have are the forwards that are vicious, mean, greedy, selfish, hungry/starving even, don't give a shit about what people say, attention seeking menwhores and somewhat self-centered..oh did I mentioned that already? And these are not necessarily a bad thing.

 Man Utd have or used to have C.Ronaldo, Rooney, Nani, even Obertan used to think he's a star over there and currently this kid Welbeck is closely following the footsteps. They are the kind a guy who desperately want the ball and shoot the heck outta the ball in the friggin net in every way imaginable. They'd do ANYTHING to get a chance to score: shouting, poking, diving, cursing, provoking, fouling, pretending to be fouled, anything.

While Arsenal boys, are a bunch of softies and goodboys, not only they're not as hungrier and as greedier, they are also very generous, when the ball past the midfield and went to a striker,*cough*Chamakh*cough* they'll belike, 'nah, you shoot', 'no its okay you shoot,' 'no no you're the better one you shoot', 'no its okay i'll shoot next time, you shoot'.. you got my point..

On the other side, Rooney and co will be like,'hey give me the ball idiot gimme the ball', 'no its my ball you a*hole,i'm shooting', 'gimme the friggin ball i'm doing backflip today'.

Just sayin'.

But really, Henry used to be the bad boy, Ljunberg used to be the bad boy, friggin Adebayor used to be the meanest, craziest of them all. 

I just, I don't need another Adebayor, I just need the enthusiasm of those people, who just want to try, gosh why am I so bad at explaining things.

The current squad have everything, talent, speed, spirit, its just that as if they don't have the courage when the ball  come to the penalty box. It's just so..anti climax. 

Vela is a goodboy, Walcott is a good boy VanPersie is..well a gooddad, Chamakh, .......say no more.. I dunno, how often did you see these guys attempt a shot from outside the penalty box. I still remember one from Nasri during 3-2 defeat against West Brom seasons ago. Sigh. I craved that kind of entertainment. Damn you Nasri money.T__T

But starting this season, I kinda see some 'hope' in Gervinho and Emmanuel Frimpong, they are greedy and selfish at times and I like that rage of both. Hope it would mount up with time not descends as they get injured, frustrated and stuff.

To me, Wenger did his very best for this club, if there's another person to be blamed, it's the players. The manager did the best he could, the team is not one person's effort, then the blame shouldn't be on one person.

About the game this morning against Udinese. I'm pissed at the people who said it's just Udinese. It's a freaking Champions League qualifier you moron. We had too much stressed already by having to go through this qualifier at the first place. So I'm very very glad we qualified. Tired of smiling, I'll prolly be falling asleep smiling in a short while and freaking out my roomate all morning. 

First half was just frustrating. Robin misfires, the defence all over theplace, DNatale was uncontrollable, he's like a madman back there, I'm very sure he'll scored at one point and damnit he did. 

Second half is another story. Terrific. Glad to see Rosicky back.
The SZCZ is awesome, no amount of words can describe and he's like the turning point of the game,  Gervinho's link up falls perfectly on Robin's foot. Double awesome. And Theo, he got something to prove there and I suggest that everytime he plays after this, please put Fabio Capello somewhere in the crowd. He's like Theo's 'lucky charm' now.=P

So now the wishlist.


Nahh.. I'll continue later..
I can barely open my eyes..
Bed's calling..
Good night morning.(@_@)

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