Tuesday, April 12, 2011


These are random pictures I had in my phone

Miss wallpaper Coco Rocha

Layout of Steam Power Station. I have to memorize this for Power Station paper last sem. End up it did came out in exam, Yeayy!=P

I found this picture emotional and inspiring.=)

The epitome of sisterhood in Badgley & Mischka ad.=P 

I've been aching to put up this picture someday, but for now,its not happening just yet.sigh.

Is it wrong for a girl to keep Victoria's Secret model pictures on her phone? (^_^)

A picture of Jane from ANTM cycle15, love the boots love the dress love the square bangle,purse,ring yadayada...

Joyce and Diana monkeying around Crescents apartment lift.:P

My brother's regular shopping place - Al-Ikhsan

Mama with her passion

my youngest bro used my phone to motor-cam-whored his new 'schoolbus'.

Baby cousin Afiq Hazim sleeping in his nest

Eat out with grandpa and grandma, Love em. They took care of me about 50% of my life.

Our fancy drinks.

My fancy cheese stuffed chicken chop.yum.

Okey I'm hungry. Out to fulfil my belly.=P

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