Thursday, March 11, 2010

place I can call home

Meeting new people was kinda complicated for me, if they ask where I came from and where I live or my highschool. Sometimes I told different things to different people. Sometimes orang ni cakap 'Dya dulu sekolah kat Penang". Then other will be like "Eh,die cakap ngan aku die sekolah kat Ipoh". Then other said "Bukan die duduk Taiping ke?" Haha.So this is roughly places I've stayed since my parents got married.

1985-1987 : Taman Melawati,somewhere in Hulu Klang(I guess..).
Event: Ayah and mama's first house after they got married. I was born in HBKL in 1986.

1987-1990 : Ampang
Event: Abang was born in 1989. In HBKL as well.Around this time, our parents usually sent Me and Abang to our grandparents house in Permatang Pauh,Penang since they had nannies issue.:P ( It's hard to find a 'trustworthy' nanny at that time, I mean since when it's not.=P)

1990-1994: Segambut,KL
Event: I went to kindergarten, Taski Abim Bukit Tunku with little Abang.
Memi was born in 1992.
School: Batu Road Girl School somewhere in KL.

1994-1996: Permatang Pauh,Penang(mainland)
Event: Me in standard 2, ayah got transferred to Penang and we lived with our grandparents there.Aran was born in 1994 in Sungai Petani.
School: SK Permatang Pauh.

1996-1997: Tanjung Bungah(Penang Island).
Event: I was in standard four.Abang baru masuk darjah satu.
School: Island Girl School (It was right in front of mama's office and next to Abang's  school SK Wellesley. Where mama will come every recess time to persuade him not to cry and bawa us go makan2.=P)

1997-2005 : Batu Kurau,Perak.
Event: Ayah transfer to Mukim Ijok,Perak. And we move to Kg Bagan Baharu,Batu Kurau. The house was 15minutes from ayah's office in Ijok.
Mama had to quit her job since the company she worked for had no branch at the nearest town.
School: SK Bagan Baharu.

The village was kinda remote, with no phone lines whatsoever. TV pun hanya ada TV1,2,3. NTV7 xdapat and kadang2 tak clear. The nearest small town tempat kitorang beli barang dapur,baju sekolah semua pun dekat Selama which is about half an hour from our house. And the nearest town Taiping, was 50 minutes drive along the kelapa sawit farm.
But the surrounding was totally opposite from KL and Penang. No traffic jams, no traffic lights, school and mosque and kedai runcit semua disekitar rumah. For few years we were happy, ayah dari kurus jadi 'sihat' la duduk sana..Ayah and mama yang minat bercucuk tanam memang berhabis2an tanam orkid, sayur2 dan buah2 segala.=P But During this period, I spent most of my time in boarding school.

  • 1999-2001:I went to boarding school in Ipoh, SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun.
  • 2002-2003:I went to SMK Dato Onn, Butterworth and stayed with my grandparents again at Permatang Pauh.
2005-2009: Matang,Taiping
Event: Ayah transferred again (this time for good. I think) from Mukim Ijok to Mukim Matang.
School: Foundation year in MMU Melaka

2009-current: Kamunting, Taiping.
Event: Ayah got a land at Kamunting, Perak and we built a house here. So this is final (according to ayahla..=P) and this is the place we can call home. So since then I've wrote in hometown section in my Facebook profile: Kamunting,Perak.

Total number of school:  6. (include SMK Redang panjang which I went for 2 weeks before being offered to Bainun, 7 hehe.)

So all along if I’ve told you difference stories I'm not lying. I just simplify what I told. How could I possibly tell all this every time people asked me where I came from? =P

Long story short, this pindah randah thing, totally give a significant impact to my family. We’ve been in big city, small towns, even remote village. I admit, I don't have that much of childhood memories or friends or neighbors sebab tak duduk di satu2 kawasan dalam jangka masa lama. Tapi in a way best la.We learned a lot of things, jumpa macam-macam jenis orang, dengar macam-macam cerita, dah overcome tons of problems and like mama said, it changed her point of view about life. Banyak hikmahnya dekat kami sekeluarga.

I want to put pictures here. Tapi kena cari dan nanti lah.hehe.;)

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