Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good for Bendtner. After perfomance macam sampah di Burnley dia macam redeem balik la kesalahan dia di Portsmouth last nite with a hatrick. But the hatrick wasn't the biggest highlight for me. The climax of the match was Nasri's goal. Seriously, Nasri's goal, was..fabulousity. so..brill-iant. tapi mungkin lah porto punya defend pun agak tahape2. Goal first dari Bendtner pun macam free2 je dapat.Sape pun tak mark die that time. But whatever it is, still a great skill by Nasri. And not forgetting the man of the match - Arshavin yang initiate banyak goal, i think 2 or 3 of last nite goals. That kid ada potensi jadi architect berjaya.haha. Plus with the new haircut he looks like budak darjah lima.=P=P Okey enough of football, kena pergi ambik Aran balik sekolah.=P Later~

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