Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sedikit keciwa

Because I've been barred from viewing my result, I thought why not I just ask my advisor whether he can view it for me. So I went to Mr Yau's room last friday and luckily he can view it! I was thrilled but then I have mixed feelings again. I got B for both subjects. To be honest I'm frustrated at first. I expect my Power System mark will be better, I'm hoping for A or A-, or at least B+. Because everything seems so well, the midterm test, the assignment and the final paper wasn't that hard. Maybe i made mistakes somewhere on the paper, I don't know. I was okay with the grade for Power Distribution though because it's obviously harder than Power System. But Mr Yau was happy with the result. He'll be happy if he didn't see any C's. So for now I had to terima everything with open heart. But I'm still grateful though. Alhamdulillah.. Wish me better luck this semester.=)

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