Sunday, August 24, 2008

All Star Martial Arts Showcase

Yesterday - Aug 23rd, SAKTI dancers were invited to perform the opening and closing for the event at Auditorium Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam.It was my first outside performance with SAKTI. I'm quite thrilled since its been so long i didn't perform in a big stage after performing at Grandhall for MMU Awards last year. All my performances after that were just on a mini build up stage or medium sized ones.

I missed few big performances with SAKTI before because of study workloads but now i'm back active with SAKTI after getting everything done. After all, dancing is one way to relieve any form of stress and it's like somekind of escapism from any hassle i had in my life.

Back to the event,basically it is all about martial arts. There were kindergarten kids, school kids to adults from various organizations performing different kind of martial art. Some of i never even heard before. I never attended such event before this so i'd say it's quite fun. Here's some of the pictures.

Those are 'professional' kickboxing kids i tell you..

Actually i'm waiting for pictures from Iman cause most of my pictures aren't good. Will upload more interesting pictures later. More pictures of us in my Friendster.

I'm glad the MC announce that we are students from MMU so that the people will know we are not trained dancers and won't expect perfection from us. haha.. ya we did missed few steps but it's definitely much more better than performance i did at Convofest Dinner. It was horrible and i suddenly become famous because i'm the only one who were different from everybody else..

There's even a guy i don't know saw my picture dance at MBSA asked me wheter i performed at the Convofest dinner and i said yes and he said "Oh,kalau macam tu i tau lah u yang mana. Yang banyak buat silap tu kan." Hahahahahha...

I don't kow what's got into me that nite. Yes we only practice just few days before the show and i never done that step before but i've done a show that we only practice the nite before and i still can do it without that much mistake. I've also danced in bigger stage with larger crouds. But i really don't know why, maybe its been few months i haven't dance so maybe nerves and stage fright kicks in and i overthink it so i ended up embarrassing myself up there. hehe..but i don't mind, and so do the other girls. And i'm looking forward for our next show. Gotta work on that nerve girl...=P


GurL-FriDay said...

aww you look very pretty with the purple baju! i loikeeee!

dya said...

ehehe..i loikee it too..=P


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