Monday, July 28, 2008

The Newest Eye Candy

This is Samsung latest phone- Anycall Haptic that said to be a potential Iphone killer. Just released in Korea and the price is around USD750, approximately RM3000++.

Read here to get to know the features.

I fall in love at first sight when i see it. It looks a little bit like Omnia but with button like f480. But I'm not a gadget person, i don't believe in spending more than thousand plus for a phone. If i do wanna buy it, maybe just a week before i sell it back.. I'd rather splurge that amount of money on clothes..hehe.. but it still my newest favorite at the moment. Still no info on when it gonna be release in other Asian countries and no info about the phone in GSMArena yet.

My top two favourite phones are still these two.. if anybody still have or know where to get Pink 7373, please inform me, because Nokia hasn't produce any L'Amour series since.. but I still want it even though i'll get the same answer everytime i ask for 7373 in any shop..

"Ini phone org suda tarak pakai maa.."

Samsung SGH X830

Nokia L'Amour 7373

Why should i care org pakai ke dah xpakai....kan..kan..


GurL-FriDay said...

that samsung is a very nice looking phone! it sure is a potential iPhone killer. heee! but leceh la pakai touch screen ni.

dya said...

agaklaa..esp for ppl yg xlemah lembut langsung like me..sgt xseswaii..hahaha


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