Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I hate this time of the year. I usually limit my amount of time spent outside MMU or even my room or to be specific-at the mall. or wherever theres 'the sign'.

When i used to have boyfriend i'll avoid going out tgk wayang or eat kfc. We opt for mamak to eat or just jalan2.. or even having a 'romantic' date at mmu library. anything far from shopping complexes. if we had no other choice and we HAVE to go to the mall, i will be having a bad mood for the whole week. why?

because theres SALE everywhere and i can't do anything about it..aaarrgghh..!!

Sometime he'd been quite understanding by asking me what i want and pay for few stuffs i've been drooling on. But hey, he's a student too.. so sy xlehla jahat2 sgt...=P

last week i went to Times Square with my girl Ida getting our hair fixed. Our tour guide that day was Hairul which unfortunately sgt xmembantu sbb he's nothing different then us when comes to shopping and even worse! Actually not a tour guidela, he's the one who suggest us to go to his regular saloon. Die kate murah. padahal xpun. So dat day my amount of money for shopping dah short due to saloon yg konon-murah-tapi-xmurah tu. so da sala bajet. so ape lagi..nganga jela tgk SALE kiri kanan depan blakang.

we've been together since we're twelve

Brand2 besa pun sampai 60 70% sale. Metrojaya siap buat Happy Hour which is from 12-2pm and 5-8pm the discount will be 70 to 80%. .before and after that hour the price is back to normal. Dengan promoter2 yg pakai Mexican punye costume terjerit2 macam tgh jual ikan kat pasar malam, kitorg pun xboleh tak, tempted jugak akhirnye masuk dalam Metrojaya tuh. padahal da janji dah, xnak singgah memane terus gi saloon.

janji je lah kan....

My 'girlfriends'

org punye la ramai macam biaselah.. ktorg pun cuci jelah mate.. tapi each one of us adelah amik sorg satu item yg xboleh dinyatekan disini yg mane agak berjename dan dijual dgn sgtlah murah. tapi yg paling kecewa ialah Ida bile die smpai dekat Guess punyer department.

ayatnye berbunyi begini..

"Weiiiii korangggg, tgkla niii...60% kottt..damn nyeeee...kenapelah aku xde duit skarang.."

kate die sambil mengetapkan bibir dan hentak2 kaki walaupun sedang menjinjit handbag Guess kat bahu dan wallet Guess kat tangan yg kalau total due2 tu dah cecah seriban...

hello..nanti ko dapat gaji ko belilah..xyah komplen2..=P
oh by the way die dah keje.. besnye org dah kejee....huwaaa..

so kitorg pun membawa diri dr situ untuk mengurangkan rase sakit hati.. walaupun sy tepakse tutup mate tgk MNG sale 80%. sgt sedih...

till the moment i write this post, Ida is having her 'tour in heaven' dekat JJ SK with his boyfriend. Levi's pun sale 60% and she asked my opinion about this Bonia sunnies..

Hahaha..of coursela best cakap ngan aku.. i'm your sister destiny forget to give remember..haha..but she ended up buying Elle's sunnies instead..worth more and looks better..she says..

The different between me and her yg da keje and still a student is she's out there wandering around shopping mall looking for Bonia and Elle sunnies worth 400 bucks and me sitting in my room staring at my pc eyeing on a Forever 21 shades worth 14bucks on Ebay!

Pity me..

Its week she'll blanja me tengok wayang and makan2..
yg best ade member dah keje ni.. you'll get treated all the time.. until u pulak yg kerja n u have to pay back everything she had blanja plus the interest! <== she threaten me with this line just know.. Deym..

So many to buy, so little money..
Shopping is a therapy....really..=)=)


GurL-FriDay said...

wooo, i know how you feel. sales everywhere but you don't have the money. man, that sucks. i've been through the exact same thing lately. last last main swipe je credit card. pokai aku! weyh jealous tengok kau ngan enon. rindu korg!

dya said...

hehe..thats why credit cards is not suitable for ppl like us babe..akan pokai sepanjang maselah jawabnye.slalu2 lah balik mesia..ktorg pun da lame xjumpe ko..ida da keje..leh suh die blanje..hahaha


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