Monday, July 21, 2008

Al-fatihah to Mohd Farhan..

I had a problem with my phone this weekend and only manage to recharge it this evening when my inbox flooded with messages from the past two days. Mostly from my Mom, Dad, foster sis and from my Penang friends which were the most shocking message i received. It was a simple message.

"Dya, farhan (our x classmate) meninggal dunia pagi tadi..Al-Fatihah"

From an unknown number but i know he's one of my classmates Ashraf. And other longer message delivering the same news from my best friend back in my Penang years Nizam.

I was stunned, wondering how many days late i've received the message. I checked and it was sent around 8.10am this morning(2oth July).

I texted few other friends about the news but none of them knew. And they just knew it. Through me. I'm so frustrated.

We've always know he was suffering from his kidney problem and had been hospitalized every month for cleaning his blood. But at that time we just thought its a normal procedure for people like him. We never thought it can be fatal..i mean..of course it can. But knowing Paan, despite of his pale looking face, he just as crazy as other guys in school. He teased us, we teased him back and always make fun of each other.. he's a tiny lil fella while i'm quite fat back then.. sometimes i think some of my friend were being too much.. but he didn't care.. he just laugh along all the stupidness all of us made and start kacauing ppl again.. life is so much fun back then in 4STT and 5STT..all 16 of being the only girl..

when all of us going our separate ways after school, we keep on updating with each others news and i've once visited him at Hospital Alor Star with my parents when i got the message that he was in quite critical condition back in 2004 if i'm not mistaken. But fortunately he's doing okay back then. He said i've change,

"Aku kuruskan Paan"
"Yelah, tapi pipi tembam xleh hilang la..haha"
"Siot je. Xboring ke dok spital weh..bile ko nak kua?"
"Best apa, nurse cun2 bagi aku makan.."

But he gain a lot of weight. He told me the process of cleaning the blood hurts. I can't imagine he had to go through with it every months. His weight change like a yo-yo, once he's so thin, next he weight double than before.

Sy rase terkilan sbb xtau yg die tgh critical sekali lagi.. hanye dapat msg bagitau yg die dah xde..

Tapi tulah takdir.. God knows better..
Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas rohnye..Amin.

Paan in memory
30 January 1986 - 20 July 2008


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