Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a mere luck u guys!

I don't wanna say anything because when it comes to penalty. Its all just depends on luck. Same goes if Chelsea won. Its just luck. There's no such thing as the best team win last nite. They both played great game and as much as i don't want Man U to win i have to face it.They won!

Just for the record i'm not a Chelsea fan. I'm an Arsenal's if u read my previous previous post. But i'll support anything as long as i don't have to see that bongkak face of ronaldo holding the trophy. (Which unfortunately i had to at the end)

Can't blame Terry though. He had done everything he could. He's a savior. Time Cech kene serang bertubi2 on 2nd half, he managed to defend Tevez from scoring another one. That was the most nerve wrecking time for me other than that damn penalty la of course. He always came out of nowhere everytime Cech kantoi. Its just not his nite. Poor guy. Whatever it is. I salute you Terry.

Ni lagi satu player paling xde ong malam tu. Bnyk kali dapat chance satu pun xmasuk. hanjeng giler. last2 skali bubuh vidic sebijik. seriously cam budak pompuan kat tadika main sepak2. apesal xmain tarik2 rambut skali dol..

the winning point. Van De Sar jadi hero. Pesal tah bagi Anelka amik penalty at the first place.

Hahahahahahaha...but the moment where Ronaldo missed the goal was the shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeesttt thing ever happened to me the whole 2 hours kat Hartamas tu. sweeettt i feel like i'm flying in kalau man u kalahla malam tu..this guy will be crying like a baby who just poops in his pampers.

time ni baru lah yg baju2 biru sume keluar dari persembunyian. biaselah kat situ tempat merah merah blaka. so biru2 ni sorok kepale dulu la. tapi bile terry failed semue biru hilang balik entah kemane. Peter Cech really perform that nite despite of having a broken skull. broken? hahaa belum lagi..retak je baru.. macam lah die tahan bola gune kepale pun kan. hehe. nak jatuh cinta dgn Cech lah..

So thats it. amiklah piale kau. tambahla satu bintang cantik2 kat logo korg yeh. bagus jugak man u menang.. kalau tak xbalik sy malam tu..nk buat cane pegi dgn driver yg support tribe lain..kehkeh..indeed it is a very great game. Sangat puas ati. The most dramatic, nerve-wrecking, heart-pounding, breath-taking match this season i think. And thanks to mr driver tolong bawak gi tgk yeh. kalau tak my sucky day after engine maths exam will be suckier in the hostel TV room with the Indian girl yg slalu tgk bola ngan saye. which most probably she will not watch it at the TV room pun. and will be suckiest for that damn penalty. So sampai hostel at 6am something. terus tdur and wake up at 3pm something. Bangun cari koey tiow goreng. And tgk movie,blogging and layan internet sampai lebam. Life is such a bliss at the moment.=)=)=)

p/s: Pictures amik from Cybertracker. Malas nk search2.thanks ya uploader.

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I.n.t.a.n said...

best team won already...lalalala~
glory2 man u!


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