Friday, May 23, 2008

Hail to the bitchessss...!!

yeayy...exam's overrrr!!!

Now its time to get all the nonsense done which I never get to do in exam week. blogging..=p

I still updated with few of my fave reality TV series in the exam week. So lets talk about the winners. I’d say I didn't like all the winners bcos...i don't tell me why..hahaha..

Malaysian DreamGirl

The Winner: Cindy

I didn't follow the series as religiously as other series because it didn't even aired on TV. It's an online reality show. So I just open the website sometime and being updated from my friend Suthesh who is unofficially Malaysian DreamGirl broadcaster here in MMU. Thanks dude. =P

But for those who follow, you'll know how bitchy this babe are and all the dramas she's been having along the competition. I really don't like her and so do most of the people out there that’ve been following the episodes. But obviously most of the viewers can't agree more of the reason she won is because her rich dad who can afford to spent more on voting even though she'd once said she got her fan base from the blog she's been writing before she enters the competition. Come on girl..stop that rubbish. ppl read blogs bcos they are 'busy body' not because they like you. Most of the people I know they've been reading a personal blog just to know what else u wanna say and then make fun of you. But really, they actually hated you. All your votes are coming from your daddy, not your so-called-fans. But who cares, when it comes to the people's vote, this type of people will definitely win. Doesn't matter it's a singing competition or most eligible bachelor or modelling competition even cooking competition...

Look at her picture she doesn't even look like a model. There are few other girls in the house that deserve to win but they were out so early. It's normal in a reality show like this. That's why when i heard Malaysia will have its own America's Next Top Model i was flattered but when i realized it's up to people's vote, I know i won't be following the show because I'll be frustrated. And so now i am.

My choice : Hanis

Sure there's a few other girls that'd be better model than her. But since the best had been cut off earlier so what's left is only few choices and out of that few i choose her handsdown. From what i see she didn't have a great pictures since the beginning compared to some other's and we know she's been getting the vote earlier in this show is because of her sooo innocent and bubbly and acting cute personality i don't know but really she's really adorable and i love her. I didn't see her as a model material at first but by week 8 or something she started to have a very good picture and i start to see her as a winner already. Hell yeah because even Andrew from Andrew's model likes her. And thats one of the people who you REALLY wanna impress when u're in the modelling industry.

For me this is the greatest photo of Hanis. You are most welcome to go to the website and compare this pic with Cindy's. It's so ugly i don't even want to post it in my blog. Damn i'm so mean didn't i? haha..

Just hope the next season there'll be no more people's vote. Come one, if you really want to make profit u can make it 40% people's vote. But let the expert do the judging or else Malaysian models are those who have rich dads not bcos she took great photos..

Survivor Micronesia
(Fans Vs Favorites)

The Winner : Parvati

I can't believe rite until this second that she won! Poor Amanda. I've seen this show since i was fourteen and still in boarding school. Not that i follow every season. Only some.

I remember because at that time the show aired on NTV7 if I'm not mistaken at 11.15 after Charmed series. At that time lights off in the hostel was 11pm. So normally the TV room will be full on Friday nite to watch Charmed which started at 10.15 or something. So usually few minutes before 11pm the bell will ring and the warden will start shouting so that everybody will leave the TV room and go to bed. But eventually, there'll be few girls (usually seniors and prefects bcos they have the keys) that will stay in the TV room after everyones out and stay silent as if the tv room has already empty and wait few minutes till the warden had go back to their room, open the tv back and watch Survivor. And these girls will be broadcasting the news to the rest of us the next morning about everything. That's the first time i know Survivor.

Okay off from Memory Lane..

So this Parvati, she had records in Cook Island, with the flirt title and all, trying to seduce Ozzy back there.. I don't know, she's pretty and definitely something nice to see in the show but she didn't play a good game at all. She's just socializing(which is her best skills) and go with the flow and she's lucky she's going with the right flow with the alliance with James Ozzy and Amanda from the beginning and the all-girls alliance at the end. The decision she made at some point was strategically good like backstabbing Ozzy, but i don't know, for me she's just sit there with so little effort, take advantage of people and situation around her and win. That's it. Yes she got a million dollar but she also got herself a million haters out there. Good for her.

My Choice: Amanda

Now this is a real winner i've been talking about. She played good game and she don't have to be backstabber to reach the end. I don't know why the jury pick Parvati over her. She's been winning challenges and immunities she even found the hidden immunity idol. She's really a female version of Ozzy. Despite of her being a beauty pageant (yes she won several beauty pageants all around America) she didn't even mind caught a shark all by herself. And she and James are doing the Survivor back to back from China and then Micronesia and she reach the finals for both episodes. This girl is amazing. I'd really like to see her and Ozzy competing in Amazing Race as the previous Rob and Amber did. Must be great to see both of them together. She didn't get a million dollar but at least she's got Ozzy...sweet.

America's Next Top Model
Cycle 10

The winner: Whitney
(what the heckk!!)

Still can't believe my eyes. This chubby bitch won.
No offense, i have nothing against the chubby girls. I myself used to be chubby once and i know the feeling of being fat. But Miss Whitney here is one overconfident chubby girl and has been condemning every other girls in the house and claims they're not good enough, and she's better than anyone else and how she must win this competition to change the scenario of the fashion industry that full of skeleton skinny girls and all and boom. She won! So lets just sit and see how she's changing the 'so-called-scenario' shes been babbling about the whole competition.

It's America's Next Top MODEL for crying out loud! The reality is, there's no 'full-figured model' or 'plus-sized' model out there, if there is, they wouldn't even be calling them models. Tyra did just to prove that everyone can be a model, a Latino, a homeless, a freak or a nerd, a plus-size can be a model so that everybody will be inspired and will love to see the show. But what happen to the winner? As in Whitney's case, she'll probably will only have the taste of being a model from the contract with Covergirl, because obviously Covergirl have Queen Latifah as their model and spokesperson. But definitely not with the Elite model management. They even ask Cycle 6 winner Danielle to lose weight.

I don't know why this show is getting ridiculous since cycle 8. Cant wait for next cycle to be aired maybe they'll accept a transvestite to audition and make her win since we've seen how far that Dominique has gone in this competition. Who knows they'll give a real transvestite a chance after this.

My choice : Anya

The Best Pic of Anya. Suddenly i don't have any favorite picture this season. Usually i will go to the website and save a lot of pictures i like but this cycle i only take this pic to add to my previous collection of ANTM best pictures. I'd say this season the photoshoot were definitely boring. Oh maybe one photo of Katarzyna. Her resemblances of emo music really blow the judges off but sadly she's been cut11th. Katarzyna is..i didn't say my favorite but one of the girl that have potential to be at the top.I thought for a moment it was her and Anya at the top two.

Anya on the other hand may have a lil bit more personality than Katarzyna that make her last longer in the show. If it doesn't all about the 'plus-sized-girl can also win' card, Anya will definitely be the Cycle 10th winner. But sadly she's not.

So what do we get from seeing reality tv's kidss??
(Fill in the blanks)

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afiq said...

eh eh eh eh...

Whitney won? OK what...

Maybe Tyra had put on weight so she wants to make sure her apprentice won't overshadow her.

Maybe lah.

And I LOVE Amanda. She's much much better than Parvati.Most of her tribemates thought she was pretending to be nice out of guilt since most of them were backstabbing bitches in the game.

Reality TV is entertaining, no?

I mean some ppl smoke cigarette and some drink alcohol. Some have premarital sex and merempit. We watch reality tv.


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