Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Climbing goals 2018

I don't have a lot of aims this year. Just 3 main ones for different aspect of my life.
First being Financial goal, Second is beauty&health goals (since I'm already in 3 series need to start being more health conscious) and last but not least Climbing goals.

I don't post much about my climbing in this blog but I've been climbing since 2015. I did write a post about it here.

Starting with Top Rope and then I upgraded to Lead Climb in September the same year. 2016 and first half of 2017 I had been climbing leisurely, i.e once a week or once every two weeks, mainly due to my life at the time was a bit disorganized, what with moving houses, changing jobs and prior to April 2017, wedding preparations.
So towards the end of 2017, when everything is settled and life is getting calmer, only I realized I have been stuck with no progress with my lead climb for so long.

In lead climb, climbing once a week, with no other exercise in between really wont get you anywhere. So I vow to myself to do this climbing thing seriously, no more leisure climb.
So starting November 2017 we went climbing 3 times a week, Wednesdays nights, Fridays nights and either Saturday or Sunday. And we did some PT at home (core exercises, pull ups etc.), change our diet and do boulder once in a while.
The hubs was on board with all this thank God. And by February we did see some improvements.

These are some of my target by the start of 2018 and I managed to clean 3 of them.
Route 2 on 19th Jan, 
Route 1 on 31st Jan, and 
Route 4 on 7th Feb. 
I was honestly so stoked to be able to finish 4 since I always had trouble at the crux.

I might have been able to clean 3 as well since its similar to 4 but the some of the holds are lose so I KIV that until they screw those holds back. 
My personal project is route 5 which I've been attempting since 2016 and stuck on the roof part for a year.(Leisure climb ain't going nowhere remember)

But on 9th Feb, I actually managed to climb over the roof part and clipped the 9th runner before my arms got too pumped and I fell on attempt to reach the last hold.

But honest to God I was so stoked, because I've been trying to get over the roof for so long.
Plus I donated my blood 7 hours before so I'm a little amazed to be able to do my best at unexpected timing.

Anyway I will keep that as a record since they've already modified some of the holds on the routes for Asean Games Qualification on 10th and 11th Feb so the route is no longer the same.

I will keep trying for the other two routes and look for new project route next.

I love climbing!

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