Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Of my 2nd job - Personal Tutoring

I might have not put every details about my life in the blog for the past few years.(Only big ones) So here's one.

Other than my 9-5 job, I have been a personal tutor for high school students for 3 years now.
In the first two years I just took every subject offered, Maths, Science, English for PT3, English UPSR, Maths & Add Maths for SPM. Physics(which I love), even Chemistry at some point(which I do not).
First few years also I've been learning how to deal with high school teenager, how to make them interested, and few teaching approach.

But for the past year, I've been focusing on Maths and Add Maths for Form 4 &5 students because I believe focusing on one or two things and be an expert on it is better than being jack of all trades master of none. Honestly I don't really know how to teach Science,because it's more to understanding theories and lab experiments. And English, well, I love to learn languages but I don't know how to teach them either. I could do it, but not as good as Maths subjects. So why teach something you're not 100% good at if you have subjects that you do.

I used to teach in tuition center during the night but now I only do private one to one session at student's house. I do want to teach Physics on top of Maths & Add Maths but private tutoring demands are actually more to Maths, Science, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

In tuition center however, ability to teach subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the ones that been sought after.

I used to do it for extra money, but now, on top of that, I do it for the satisfaction. When the kids got better by time, when they no longer make the same mistake, when their grade improve.

Plus I've been feeling that my 9-5 job doesn't really help other people, rather helping the industry, so teaching is something I do that makes me feel I'm helping other person directly.

So yeah that's it, I'm also been toying with the idea of becoming a lecturer one day, but for that I need to continue my studies. But if it does happen at least I have these teaching experience up my sleeves. We'll see what happens.=)

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