Monday, March 04, 2013

February update

Watching football nowadays is a bit tricky because we don't have TV and internet in the house.
And some of my Cyber friends already move out elsewhere and MMU friends still on their sem break so I don't really have anybody to watch football with and I'm too kesian to force my housemate to teman me watch football at 12 midnight. Since we already went to Big Bad Wolf and pusing-pusing The Mines earlier on.

So last night was the new level of watching football for me where I went to the mamak alone to watch the derby. Determined borderline pathetic kinda. I don't really care. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do rite. =P
The mamak around the house is fairly new to me so xde la segan sangat sebab semua stranger. If mamak Cyber memang xpegi la kan sorang-sorang tengok bola segan gila okeh.

So first mamak full already. No more seat, I go to second mamak. Dah la xda wifi. agak scary but tempat lapang so a bit convincing. Kereta boleh park dekat so jadi apa-apa boleh lari terus.

Takmau cerita pasal game.

So at the end of the game, nak bayar milo ais, mamak tu cakap da ada orang bayar kan. Probably kesian tengok saya datang sorang-sorang lepas tu kalah pulak. So dia belanja, tak tau lah sapa. So siapa-siapa yang tolong belanja thank you ye..=)

Tobat lepas ni memang xkan kelua sorang-sorang da.hahaha

At the moment, just some pictures from February up till now.

Outing with Gaya on Friday. Lama tak jumpa and borak with her.

Papa John Pizza Plaza Masalam
Mushroom soup die lg sedap dari Pizza Hut okeyh.

Saturday -went to Ikea  with Nadshah cari barang bilik.(then on to The Curve)

Prove that I have short legs.
And a reminder of what NOT to wear next time.

Kaw kaw Burger Bakar dekat Lokas Makana Foodcourt Puchong Utama.
Sumpah sedap gila. 

Mommyyyy<3 p="">

Kenny Rogers with Anne. Sunday.
After fail book hunting attempt dekat Big Bad Wolf.

Pergi BBW beli satu buku je.
Then bought a yellow pouch and Silver pumps from Kitschen.

So that's my February. Gambar decorate bilik annti upload in another post.okebye~ (^_^)


Al Kisah said...

lor siannya tak der member nak tgk bola.. kalau game midnite better awak streaming je.. bahaya kuar malam2

nadiradyaa said...

takde internet alkisaaaahh..tu dah last resort sangat2..tak best tau kelua sorang2..sobs


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