Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Minggu-minggu terakhir, ni bosan pulak, tak de ape nak buat sangat. My life update. Selepas 6 bulan bekerja di sebuah company vendor, saya tender resignation on 19/11/2012. I've got an offer from another company, Electrical related and I'm going to do design this time. No more sales stuffs, proposal stuffs, quotation stuffs. That's the MAIN reason why I looked out for another job. I want a job that is more towards the technical stuffs than the commercial side of it.

I thank God for the opportunity and hopefully everything will be okay in the future. Saya tak suka lompat-lompat. Kalau boleh nak settle down at one place.

SO, tadi pagi saya half day sebab pegi amik offer letter dekat company tu. Siap sesat jugak sikit. Hehe. Kita panggil company yang ni as company A.

Beberapa minggu lepas, sebelum saya diterima pegi company A, saya dapat call (basically phone interview atau pre-interview call, or whatever they're calling it nowadays) from a big company in electrical.  Lets call it THE company.

Pretty much my dream company ever since I started working in engineering field.
So memang tekejut habisla, nervous and superexcited sume at the same time.
The interview went fr an hour. And they mentioned if this interview went well, I'll got another interview at their office soon.

So, nak dijadikan cerita, pagi tadi tengah saya mamai dan berlengah-lengah nak pergi mandi. Saya dapat call dari THE company. Dorang suh datang interview hari Jumaat ni. Saya pun berfikir-fikir. Jumaat da last day. Takkan nak amik half day lagi. Da la arini da amik half day.

Takpe la, saya pegi amik offer letter dari company A dulu ape apehal.

Mase amik offer letter, tengok job scope. Memang sengih sorang-sorang. Bukan senyum tengok gaji ek, senyum tengok jobscope.haha. Mesti orang HR tu pelik.

Thing is, everything that are listed on the jobscope, is basically ALL the things I always WANTED to do.

But then, on the way drive balik I got a call from THE company again, saying the interview will be postponed. Asking whether I'm available on next Monday or Tuesday. 3/4 Dec.

Isnin first day kerja kot.T_T..

Saya cakap tak free. Then after an awkward silence, dia cakap decide hari apa free, then reply email dia balik.

So skarang saya pening.

Saya dah dapat kerja yang saya nak. Position yang saya nak dekat company A. Though its not a big company, but I believe I can learn a lot there. 

But then, I got an interview by THE company, an international company that I've been dreaming to work with since at least my final year in MMU. Da la interview on the same day, 3rd Dec. what the hell?

So at the moment I'm still thinking. Apa nak jawab dekat orang THE company tu. Nak pergi ke tak?
Kalau pergi, takkan la kan, baru masuk kerja sehari dua hari da nak amik cuti kan.

Sebab yang hold me back is the fact that I'm interviewing for Sales Engineer post. Which I don't quite like. It's basically the job I'm trying to run away from.

But still, it's THE company.

And even if I don't wanna take the job, I do want to now my capabilities, pergi interview dengan company besar. I've already passed the phone interview, kinda wanna go all the way and see how far I can go.

I used to think that I will be torn between the question of Money vs Interest.
If that's the question, it'll be no brainer. I'll choose interest. Hands down. Tapi sekarang, that's not an issue.

Now it's the question of Dream company Vs Interest.

So I don't know.

Somebody help!



Al Kisah said...

choose interest.
If you happy and enjoy with your jobs, then rewards will come.

If you have much of salary,
but u are not happy with your jobs,
always get escalation, tension and stress.

it will affect your life..

based on my xperiences.

missnadira said...

itu kalu money vs interest alkisah..mmg sy akan choose interest.

tapi kalau satu lg kampeni tu big company yg u hv always been dreaming to work there.cemane?


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