Friday, June 29, 2012

Euro Talk: Knockout Stages

Quarter Finals
Well The Quarters has been boring.
I was hoping Czech, France, Germany and England to move on to the Semis.
But looking at Czech and France game, it's understandable why they did not go through.
England on the other hand, was just unlucky. The current Italian team is not that intimidating to be honest. Unlucky in the sense of Ashley Young's penalty in particular. I don't really like the guy (and also Ashley Cole) but they must be devastated. I kinda felt sorry for them. Cole is not a bad penalty taker either. It's just not their night.

I don't want Spain to move on because since World Cup 2010, Spain is just Barcelona without Messi.
So we just skip that.

Semi Finals
Portugal Vs Spain
I'm pretty glad with the result.
Glad not have to see Ronaldo's smugness and the way he failed to achieve that. Just priceless.
A yawn game after all. Spain through is expected.

Is that tears I see?

I really can't get bored reading this post from Arseblog.:P

But, you know, that’s what happens when you try and milk the glory instead of setting the example as the captain and the best penalty taker on your team. You step up first, show the way, infuse your teammates with confidence and belief, not stand their preening like a peacock with an outrageously hideous neck. If he’d gone first and scored they’d have had the advantage and might very well be in Sunday’s final. As it is, they’re not, and while I understand people are a bit tired of Spain’s style, I’d much rather they were happy than Ronaldo who had to taste his own tears of unfathomable sadness.

Germany Vs Italy
I never liked Italy's defensive play. I never liked ANY defensive team for that matter. And to have to look at Balotelli's face after he scored that second's head must be so big I believe it'll explode anytime soon.
Was really REALLY anticipating for Germany Spain finals(like everybody else). But that doesn't seem to happen. The penalty comes way too late. And the mannschaft has to go home.

Spain Vs Italy
If Spain win - it's World Cup 2012 again. They didn't play any interesting game but yet winning the title.
If Italy win - Might be a kinda breakthrough, but not that fascinating either.
Plus no Arsenal players involved.
So I really couldn't give any shit at this point.

I will watch the game(if possible, since its on workday morning) hoping for a good football match, and may the best team win.


Time to hit the showers.
Have a great Friday people!=)

P/s: For the second thought, I might want Italy to win. Just for the respect to Pirlo and Gigi Buffon.
......But then they have Balotelli.. Oh crap. T_T..


Al Kisah said...

hahaha.. i hope spain will win it..

Anonymous said...

Spain win..yeah..:)


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