Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dealing with jack@sses - a guide to sensitive people

This is certainly not the kind of jackasses I'm talking about.=D

You can't avoid jackasses, they are everywhere. There will always be atleast one or more than one (if you are unlucky) fcuking annoying people around you (in your office/school) that make you wanna slap their faces repeatedly everytime they open their mouth.  

Obviously when you are not that sensitive, you'll be able to NOT GIVE A SHIT.  But those soft hearted and sensitive person will tend to be annoyed, hurt or dwell in frustration longer than those who are less sensitive.

Sadly we can't change them, but we can adjust ourself to survive in situations that involve these..JAs.

So I suggest some ways for us to apply whenever necessary, 

1. Compliment them

These type of people love compliment. Well who doesn't. but really, they LOVE them. They FEED from all sorts of flattery. If nobody praises them they will say good things about themselves to let you know they're good. They will tell you stuffs like, Bosses likes them, supervisors likes them, they always get good grades, their' skin is glowing like a freakin moon or something. Cause you know, great people don't admit they great, other people will tell you about their greatness. Only not so great people love to brag about themselves because nobody will say they're good. because you know, they're really NOT that good. Empty vessels makes the most sound..right.. bunyik je lebih habuk pun takde..

So, give them compliments. You don't have to be sincere. Just say something like,"hey nice handbag, that must be pricey" even though you know its a pasar malam knock-off or "hey you look good in those pants" even though you have to go and vomit after.

It's not that you're trying to befriend them or anything, you just don't want them to think you as a threat or enemy. You know, keep it natural, don't show you hate them but don't show you like them either. 

2. Keep distance.

If I dislike a person, my proximity sensor will automatically sets me to a specified distance within this person. So that you don't give them reason to annoy you and you don't feel annoyed by their actions. Well that's about the same thing.

Because these jackasses, they always eager to find your flaws, so that they can feel better about themselves. If you don't keep distance, any minor mistake you did will turned out to be a lot bigger deal that it actually is. It's time to apply the old saying 'Keep your friend close, keep your enemy closer'.

3. Don't gossip.

Yes you are annoyed with them, but don't try to talk to other colleagues/classmates about how you hate them/how awful they are, how improper they behave. Just don't. That just make other people think you're whiny, hateful or even jealous. Even if you certainly are not.

If the jackass is truly a jackass, people will realize sooner or later. If other people start talking, then you can agree - mildly. Keep cool. Then you can smile satisfactorily knowing that the self-proclaimed over achiever is actually just a pain in the ass to everybody.

Well that's all I can think of, off to mamak for dinner. Nite2.(^_^)

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