Saturday, November 12, 2011

Final Year Project 101

Ah, FYP. Hehe. Well, I've passed that horrid part of my degree life, so here's something to share for those who are yet to take it. Consider these factors before you choose:

1. Title
Yes.The title. Choose the one that you're interested in. Doesn't matter if you are a computer major but you like the topic on electrical/telecommunication major, just take it. Because when you have interest, you'll have effort.

As for me, I really want to do a topic from my own major, since for the past two years I've been juggling with all Electrical related subjects so I believe I have some general idea on that field.

2.Project Requirement
Then from the topic, check whether the project is about hardware, software programming, software simulation, research, or the combination of any of those.
And are you doing the project alone or with a partner.

I choose software simulation since I know a thing or two about Matlab. Even at the end I didn't have to use Matlab at all but PSCAD software instead. which I know nothing about.

I wanted to do hardware, because the progress is something that we can see. And I still have my toolbox from mini project last time. But since that, we kinda doubt our effectiveness in hardware. We CAN do hardware, but our timing is off. We were the last group to submit the project last time, so thinking that FYP presentation will be a week before final exam. We choose not to do hardware afraid it might interfere with our study week.

3. The Supervisor
I don't know about other university but here in my campus, the supervisor play HUGE role in your project. We have few friends who screwed up their project because of the supervisor's ridiculously high expectation, low tolerance and massive ego. And some lucky guys who even though have so many troubling things but manage to get good grade on their project thanks to those helpful and understanding supervisors. So do a background check and ask the seniors about the supervisors you're about to choose.

Some even put the supervisors first as their priority in choosing FYP titles.:P

Oh and another thing, choose your partner thoughtfully, I've heard friends not talking to each other for years, the partner backing out on you last minute even some relationship ended. Okay I might've been  exaggerated the last bit :P but you never now, the hard times is when the relationship get tested real good.

and FYP, is the hardest of them all. It is more stressful than all the final exams combined.

Crying and hitting your head on the table is not gonna be enough.:P

People who already done it will say, "Just get it over with, it's just a requirement for you to finish your degree, don't worry too much. You might not even use it when you start working."

I understand. but when you ARE doing it, you can't help but to feel overly stressed about it.

Now that it's over. I never felt any lighter before. All the burden is gone. To those who are taking it this semester, don't procrastinate and don't stressed out. Just relaxed and Good Luck. (^_^)


uncle shaq said...

nice new blog layout .. read it some time ago but never really commented on anything.. so this shall be the first ..

congrats on the completion of the FYP (mine was a disaster until 2 days before the presentation..) did my degree in Mechatronics Engineering .. which FYP was about motion & color tracking .. IT WAS NOT EASY .. anyways .. managed to ace it and now im just proud i tried and actually succeeded...

missnadira said...

Hi uncle shaq,
thanks for visiting m blog:P

uuu..mechatronics sounds hard..glad u aced it though..i must tip my hat to you..:P

well i still have this sem before completing my degree,but when u've done the project, everything else seems no big of a deal anymore..:P:P


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