Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coming Soon

It's been a while since I checked out new phones.

Few months ago a friend bought an HTC Desire and he was very very pleased about it and been promoting HTC phones to his friends ever since. I've googled the brand after that but I didn't found the one that catch my eye.
I've been loyal to SE for quite sometimes now but if I were about to go different direction, I'll go for HTC.
Just recently I saw these new babies that just came out,(well technically the XL hasn't come out yet) and  I fall in love with them right the very second.

I'm not much of a gadget person, things I look in a phone is mostly the outer appearance (design,color), then I read the specs. So this is not a specs review, just a girl talking about phones she like.=P

Released September 2011

Released October 2011

Released November 2011

All 3 phones use Android OS
8MP camera except for Rhyme (5MP camera)

And YES the Sensations comes with Beats headset baby...=)

But I have no idea when any of these will be available in Malaysia.. 
I have my eye on Sensation XL, hope by the time I'm working next year it will be here and it will go straight in my handbag. Given at the time I'm not into a different phone. =P

Source: GSM Arena


zulhilmi tempoyak said...

it look cool too...


missnadira said...

the price pun as 'cool' as the look jugak..:P


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