Wednesday, November 24, 2010

shitty day

have u experience a day full of shit that u wish u never wake up for..

i woke up 730 this morning with these things in my head..

bad hair day.and ur hairband broke into two.
runny nose.
no money.
u missed ur lab.
arsenal lost 0 2 to Braga.
stupid teenage past.
bitchy busybody old friend.

>and its just 530pm..

i wonder whats next?


GurL-FriDay said...

the best way to get rid of these things is to sleep it off. switch off your phone and your laptop and get disconnected from the real world for a little while. :)

missnadira said...

hahaha..thanks lynn..
i found one more how i met ur mother! hehe:P:P

but i really wish i am a less sensitive person..:P

Saleh Hamdi said...

yep2..sokong part watching how i met your mother!! hehee

well, there'll be a bad day..if it's not yesterday, maybe today, if not d day after n after..hhuhu..

it's life. ;)

adila said...

tgk friends?
ulang2 kali..

good luck, dya..!
p.s ttbe tringat xrumate, leh x?

missnadira said...

salleh: tula.. thats one bitter part of life we have to swallow...heee.tqtq~

dila:haaaaa...xrumet saye sorg ni dengar cte dah berdarah manissss...hehehe..atleast there's someone I knew who's glowing brightly at the mpoment..
hehe thnx Dila..

And Congratsss!!

adila said...

thanx dya..!!
aku doakn ko glowing juge.. in d future n forever..
dun give up babe.. :)


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