Monday, July 26, 2010

lynn's wedding

Just in the midst of my boring life, I finally got to do something fun. Wedding + Small Reunion + Makan-makan.Yeay!

So 24th, was Lynn's wedding reception. This time I wasn't in the driver's seat, Mental just bought a new car. cough.New Saga.cough. And generously drove all the way from UKM to MMU (very far eh..=P) Then waited for the Datin.(that is me) for almost half an hour.heh.Sorry ye Mental, tidur 3 jam je okeh. He was so bored waiting for me he took pictures of his donkey,or maybe it's a dog,could be a cow soft toy (I honestly haven't any idea what animal his toy was) posing on his steering and dashboard. Kesian.=P

From MMU we headed to UPM to pick up Zukiey.Then off to Bukit Jalil to pick up Ida at her apartment and then only we continue our journey to Setiawangsa. On the way we stop by at Sg Besi Petronas station to wait for other two cars. Boy and Harris's with their spouses., girlfriends.

So, all 8 of us arrive at almost 3pm and met another 10 of our classmates there. We missed the sword barrier ceremony and everything but I love the theme so very much. I've imagine my future wedding..okey  I don't usually imagined or thought about dream wedding and all (blush) but I saw this one wedding on TV where the theme was red and white and I figured my future wedding would definitely be on red and white basis.

Once I step in the hall, I was overwhelmed with the red-white-black theme. It was elegant and felt like a garden wedding. Roses everywhere. So Lynn, if you come to my wedding somewhere around 5 years later and see some similarities, don't get mad okay. I may just take a little bit of inspiration from yours. Hehehe.
But really, I just admire the decoration. Mesmerized.

 Entrance and the aisle: Bride's dad in pink.

the pelamin: this was after event so the chairs were all over the place.

 Guests table: we conquered 2 of those.

  dining table

 The beautiful bride

The couple

After event, we continue our little reunion at Sakura Kristal Restaurant at the nearby Jusco just chatting up recent news and gossip of each other, next wedding and gathering and of course, eat. Again.

So again if you read this Lynn I want to wish you

  "CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding and wishing you all  the happiness and blessing from this happy moment on until infinity."
  And looking forward to see those goodlooking minions of yours soon.=P=P 

P/s: That blueberry muffins we got as a doorgift, was very very very GOOD. Do you still have one of those? Can you give me some please!!=P=P

Random pictures: 
(Which was stolen from other people's cam of course..=P)

see, who's the Datin now?


Mental did his Yoda face again.
I looked like "where the heck did I left my stupid phone this time.."

group photos everyone!

Then I got a message from my dad,

"Dah balik kenduri ke long? Ke tengah basuh pinggan lagi?"

Hehehe.. I got the point, and as an obedient child that I am, I headed straight back home.

more pictures soon.


I.n.t.a.n said...

bia la wenger klo die nk bli fabianski.aku sapot!.hahahaha

oyeah.sua ko da sempit.sua aku longgar.muahahahhaa

missnadira said...

maane ko post ni macik.
haha..ko tengok la nanti.aku akan kembali diet bersungguh2..ko jngn jeles ye..heheh.


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