Wednesday, March 31, 2010

of Arsenal vs Barca

I have chills. In physical comparison, it's like Barca is Bendtner, Arsenal is Arshavin. They're huge.
They have the next Maradona there for crying out loud. And my tall and good-looking but temperamental crush Ibrahimovic won't let Messi have all the attention. They have Puyol the Energizer bunny there who never stops and always everywhere. And they even have Arsenal's all time top scorer on their side!. But of course, looking from the defensive side, they're NOT unbeatable. I'm counting hours. It's more or less 24hours from now.=P

Now, about the Premier League.
Sigh Almunia. I'm not gonna talk about the draw. It's daunting. Only 6 more matches to go. I just pray for at least 5wins out of the 6 match(exception for game with Man City), ManU-Chelsea draw this wednesday and probability of Tottenham,Man City or Liverpool wins against them.=D

6 more matches.Tulunglah~

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