Sunday, November 01, 2009

I need a new pair of jeans..=(

Finding a new pair of jeans is like finding a new boyfriend.
You would want to take time and find a really nice one that can fits you, that flatters you and make you happy and the one that can last long before it faded and urmm...

Okey okey bad..bad metaphor..

well..maybe finding a new pair of jeans is well.. HARD..
senang cerita.

I always thought i have a wide hip
so low waist is always the first option regardless it is 'in' or 'out'.
since when did I follow the trend anyway..

Here's an example on how to work a simple black tee with a low waist jeans.


I always wanted the color on Alessandra. The problem is..I've searched EVERYWHERE.
And I've failed miserably..T_T..

Black-low waisted- skinny
I never tried black.
I can't imagine how it looks on me.

The problem with low waisted jeans is you have to stand all the time.
If you bend lower than 60 degrees or just sit or squat you will risk exposing unflattering image to people behind you.

When I wear my low waisted with a wrong combination of shirt, I'll give my mom unnecessary headache when she'll be pulling my shirt every few seconds and walking very close behind me until we reach home before I get a lecture on how to dress properly in public.

So here's some ettiquette to follow
  1. wear long shirts. It'll make your body look longer and hence you'll look taller.
  2. If you want to show off some hipbones, wear a belt.
  3. Another good idea is wearing a sash like the picture below.
It's kinda nice but hey..who am I kidding, this is Malaysia.*sigh*

4. Now the easiest way, don't wear it at all. Opt for the high waisted instead.

I personally love Giselle's.

Now, high waisted on the other hand,
doesn't reveal any disturbing image of you when you bent down, but it does have few pre-requisites.
  1. slim thighs
  2. flat tummy
  3. long legs. If you don't have long legs. Skip to number 4.
  4. wear it with a high heels

but I personally need to work on my thigh before strutting one of those.
So that I'll not end up looking like this..

woohoo.. how does she even walk with those thighs..??=P=P

Now I wish I inherited my mom's frame rather than my dad's..=D


SyMacKz said...

tp i prefer u wear low rise jeans ok?
gud luck 4 trying ;)

dya said...

huhu..low rise jeans tu everyday use pun tape..high-waisted org ta pakai ari2..:P:P

haha..remember u used to be my so-called fashion consultant dulu kan..:P:P

I'm really bad at mix and matching..:P:P

SyMacKz said...

ahaha..igt pon lg..tot da lupa da..
syg nye kte x same tempat da..
kalo x da lama i tolong u lg ;)


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