Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love green

I love the green dress Isabel Lucas wear in Transformers 2.

And also this girl's dress in I Love You, Beth Cooper

Love this one too..just think it'd be better if it's a V-neck.
huhuu..look who's talking about which is better and whatnot.

Next time I wear green, remind me to wear something gold to go with it.

I love Green.
Green's hot!
Green's the new Black!


SyMacKz said...

ahaha..tu la u..
dulu i pnah btau..
ijau cantik..
tp u degil nk gak warna coklat la pink la..
now..i told ya!

dya said...

tapi u ta cakap ijau nii!! u cakap ijau lainn..:P:P

SyMacKz said...

ala..same la..ijau la tuh..syg oiii!!

dya said... win! my bad!:P:P


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