Saturday, September 13, 2008

what a great day!

Yesterday was kinda busy.. but it was great.. our microp project was finally running accordingly.. thanks to 'moon' and 'pewpew' who had been workin on it for like what 2 weeks? those guys are genius i tell ya.. and i'm glad i'll be working with them for the rest of my semesters.. hope if i continue hanging around with those two, i'll inherited some of their superpowers..

to make things even better.. i finally got my SE w350i today! yeay.. i finally hv a phone back after 2 months living off the grid..unreachable.. thanks to wiwi who've been annoyingly using my emails for his contest purposes.. he got his lesson when i suddenly became triggered to join the contest as well.

I definitely had my lady luck in the Lady Speed Stick Contest and got myself a walkmanphone for it's weekly prizes while he only manage to grab a Guess watch.. Nadiah was sooo furious at me.. hahaha. The contest is still on for those who wanna try. It'll end 29th Sept i f i'm not mistaken. The Grand Prize is Macbook Air. Tempted? Click here.

Its not 7373, its not SGH-X830 and obviously not Anycall haptic. and its blue. but i couldn't care less.. At least i have some rectangular thingy yg boleh dipicit2 and berbunyik2 ni so that i don't have to think any other reason when ppl asked "ko bile nak ade henfon balik ni.." Thank God.Thank God. Couldn't be more grateful. Wiwi, jangan serik ajak aku masuk contest lagi eh.

Then at night, me and Intan go buka puasa at mamak and had sup kambing,maggi goreng and mi rojak before heading to Alamanda for Sundae choc, Mc Flurry Oreo,1908 hotdog, sweetcorn and large ice lemon tea. Imagine how flexible our stomach can be huh.. tabik kepada perut! We planned to watch Deception but they didn't show that movie there. So sad, i was so thrilled knowing theres combination of Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams and Maggie Q in dat movie. But we ended up watching The Dark Knight instead. Intan's first time, my second time.. and now i fully understand the Lau story, Reese story, Ramirez story and few more issues i failed to understand before.. So we both went home full and happy.


Sang Ganjil said...

laen kali ade contest ajak aku masuk plak.
jeles ko dpt hp free.

dya said...

ya mari kite masuk contest ramai2..kasi wiwi hilang terus luck die..=P

I.n.t.a.n said...

gile byk ko xpaham cite tu wehh..aku da lapa balik ni..walopon smlm mkn cam org gile..megi ruski kt bilik ko lupe tulis weh..roti ngan tuna lg..ahaha.we're food freak!

dya said...

aahkan..hahaha..nanti aku tambah..=P


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