Monday, September 15, 2008

Presentation Day

We've done our presentation today. Yeay! Overall Dr. Shabiul loves our project. It's just a few2 little things that made him unsatisfied mainly because of we're using the breadboard and the messy wire connection. (Which i think thousand times better than some of the other groups that wires look likes poison ivy crawling on my house fence) Luckily he thought our report and software were perfect. So basically if we got lesser marks, it's definitely because of the damn breadboard.

But what i like about today was that the tutorial room didn't felt tense at all. Moon was the one doing the presentation and the rest of us just enjoying our time in there. I can't translate into words. It's just Mr.Shabiul's expression and his funny English that makes us laugh. Dr. Shabiul was definitely in his good mood today.
So after finished commenting our report and seeing our demo, its Q&A time. I love how Moon answers every question confidently. If only i could take a picture of his confident face and post it here.haha

Dr. Shabiul: Okay i just want to ask just one question. Only one, and anybody can answer okey.
Dr.Shabiul: What 7-segment u all use?
Moon: We're using Common Anode sir.
Dr.Shabiul: Okay whats the different? How does it work?
Moon: Erm..common anode sends signal to logic zero sir.
Dr.Shabiul: Yes yes and wheres the common pin connected to?
Moon: Aaa..VCC sir.
Dr Shabiul: Yes yes very good very good.Very smart guy eh..
Moon: Of course!

Hahahahaha.. Of course! I love that. He just made our day..=)
More about Moon's story later. Am going to submit my lab report. Daa~

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