Wednesday, September 17, 2008

30 things I want to achieve before turn 30..

Miss Shawty asked me to do this list. Which i think quite interesting.. But 30 is too much la shawty.. can i shorten it? can i? can i?=D=D

things to do before 30

  1. Get a degree of course.
  2. Grow taller. I still can. I'm optimist. :P 
  3. My own goddammit BMW
  4. Go to Emirates Stadium
  5. Speaks 5 languages - Malay, English, Mandarin, French, Arabic.
  6. Buy a house for my family. I really wanna stay with my family before i got married because I've been away from them since i was 10..=(
  7. Own a LV handbag *just one is enough* ;);)
  8. Working with Petronas or Malaysian National Space Agency.
  9. Go Bungee Jumping
  10. Bawak my maktok and abahtok jalan2 and make them happy cos they've raised me and for being the coolest grandparents in the world! :P
  11. Live in another country for few months
  12. Pay for my brothers education or their cars or clothes anyhing. Supercool sister in the making.=P=P
  13. Bring my family to oversea for a vacation.
  14. Lasic Eye surgery
  15. Go to MUSE concert
  16. Date Farid Kamil
  17. Talk to Mr.F

Alamak..tak cukup 30..=P=P.*smug*smug*
I'll add more bila ada idea okey..(^_^)


Kabir Mand said...

finally no 9 completed after 6 years!!! Jus wanted to post this out...Weee~ :D

Nadira R said...

Haha list ni da tak valid la..lots of things I no longer interested to do.haha


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