Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saya kurang rajin....

....mahu mengupdate blog. hehe..lets use the word 'kurang rajin' instead of 'malas'.. i'm currently trying to minimize the usage of the "M" word.. it's not good psychologically.. and maximizing the opposite of the "M" word..
just to answer some of my friends asking why i no longer writing about ANTM or updating..(to be exact,
Lagipun it's not like my blog is read by thousand readers pun kan.. just a few 'ketul' of friends.. haha..thanks for reading all my nonsense anyway..
maybe will continue updating in a month time.. oh..wish me luck for my finals! =)

p/s: oh.. don't mind the picture.. i'm quite a fair skin actually..=)

1 comment:

sweetsmiley said...

ape kejadahnyer... aku malassssss gak..waawawawa... sob2.. name jer bgun awal..after 5 hours duk di meja ku ini, bru buat 2,3 soklan.. ?? sob2..


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