Saturday, March 22, 2008

.VOICES part II.

Even though it was few weeks ago..but still is not too late to write about it right. For me..who has been to gigs and concert, i think MMU make me proud for organizing this event with aprox. 3000 crowd from various unis such as LIMKOK, UNITEN, UKM, even Kuittho student and several more unis around and outside selangor. the grandhall was never full before but it did that night. Its not even full during Dr.Mahathir's talk. I dont wanna comment about the smoking part as long as they didn't smoke in front of my face. But i'd love to write abt the bands.

For person like me who DID NOT prefer the gig environment, i think the idea of everybody have to sit is alright eventhough most of my friend dont like that. so i dont have to mingle around hysteric people jumping up and down with sweat all over and stuffs like that. they just sit down and behave. its just one thing again for people like me,(i dont know what other ppl think) that have low stamina, i have to wait hours to enjoy a great performance for example in this case Bittersweet and MUH, and by the time OAG and HUJAN perform i had already pancit and cant fully enjoy their performance eventhough they really great on stage. Ingat duduk atas kusi je pun xpenat ke? hehe..yes i understand they have to save the best for last but not too long, like Intan wrote in her blog..most of the unknown band were talented but they were too draggy...but overall..its a great event.

There are also some question from some people regarding doing concert as a charity bcos concert is an entertainment and charity is a noble thing and both cant be mixed up or else that noble thing will no longer be something noble.

The organizer had tried their best to respect the charity event so that it doesn't look like a normal gig, so i think its okay to go and enjoy the event. But for those who still thinks its not appropriate, maybe next time theres a charity concert like this, they can just buy the ticket for the sake of charity but they don't have to come for the concert. Settle. After all, its a charity right.

Some problems here and there are common in big event like this, so hope there'll be more concert like this featuring indie bands in the future. Congrats organizer!

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