Wednesday, January 30, 2008

things i've to deal with this new term

i can't explain why but i'm really thrilled for this 5 subjects, each with different reason.

electronics 3
The last 'trilogy' of electronics series, of course before i continue with Power Electronics next semester. the previous two i didn't ended up well i wish to score the last one.even tho this last one is the hardest.but who knows.i might ended up lucky.=)

instrumentation and measurement techniques
they say this one is quite easy to score.thats all the reason.=)

algorithm and data structures.
this is a computer subject. me and computer subjects.huh.dealing with C programming,pointers and all.i must admit that i say "i'm thrilled to take this subject" as a reverse psychology. i love algo.i love algo.i love algo.=P

energy conversion 1.
my first majoring subject.

engineering mathematics 4
because i had a good records with maths.=)

Can't wait till the lab schedule come out this friday.=)=)

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