Wednesday, January 30, 2008


2008 starts with exams and holidays. My holiday was quite boring since all of my brothers had already back to their uni and boarding schools. Its just me and my mom when my dad went to work. My activities were just driving my mom to any destination she wishes, eat, watching harry potter, driving again and watching harry potter me by this time i already memorize half of the dialogs from all its 5 movies. What a glorious achievement..=)

But my dull holiday turn bright and shiny after i got my results. Not as glorious as being Harry Potter know-it-all, but enough to make me happy and glowing and shining for few months..(let's just imagine i am Yvainne) .Its quite hard for engineering students to get 3 pointer and above these days. Maybe just for me tho.

What can i say is just this new trimester will make me continue shining n glowing with nice friends around and new exciting spirit that i've no idea where it come from. Maybe somebody has drop a little of Felix Felicis in my morning pumpkin juice. Its just that i wonder whether i had been drinking any pumpkin juice lately.=P

Can't wait to see the sixth series of Harry Potter movie that expected to be somewhere around this year.=)=)

p/s:Felix Felicis-A lucky potion in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
pumpkin juice-a famous juice in all Harry Potter movies.

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