Saturday, May 19, 2007

And the winner is..

After waiting impatiently for few months, (macam nk tggu raye) Cycle 8 of ANTM's back on tv (actually on Cybertracker), and the first face i recognize was Jaslene's. Because obviously, she didn't make it for the last season, but she did this time around. And i just believe that she won't go any far.

First few episodes, i already tought that Renee will shine, still, for the compliments that the judges gave Jaslene, i still dont think Jaslene will make it as the finalist, never thought of!

And after my favourite Felicia was out, i just cant find any reason to watch this cycle.The contestants were just blend and so boring. I'm not as enthusiastic as i am for the last cycle. It's like, tengok pun xpe xtengok pun xpe.

But what i like about Jaslene that inspire me the most is she's got the drive and never gave up no matter what other ppl says. Haven't i mention that she's soo patheticly kurus keding?!

"I didn't make it the first time, but now look at me. I'm America's Next Top Model. I'm a Cover Girl! And I think that shows all young women that if you have that drive - keep going, you can make it." Jaslene

Natasha is beautiful, but she's just annoying. But i like her words when all the girls were ganging up on her saying she's got the least potential among all and she just answered confidently that they're jealous of her look.

"If Gisele Bundchen was standing beside me, i will said that she had the least potential too because i know she's beautiful and she'll be my biggest competitor." Natasha.

And sometimes i feel Tyra thinks the same way too. By not letting those potential girl to win so that they'll never outshine her in the future.. (still frustrated for AJ's elimination in Cycle 7)hahaha..badbadbadbad dya.

Renee - gorgeous but duh duh duh.. I'm not rooting for her, but she's undeniably good. But i have to agree with the judges that she's not the fresh face Covergirl was looking for. I don't mind she's being eliminated but it's just no fun not watching her in the finals.

"I've tought that i've seen this face before(Renee). Jaslene and Natasha, they're just not the norm.That's what i like about them both." Twiggy.

Oh and judges said she looks older than her age too. And other thing that annoys me is that Renee was expecting herself and Jaslene in the finals because she doesn't like Natasha, but after she had been eliminated she go straight to Natasha and said

"Win this for mamas okay"

What the heck??? Now i'm fully agreed she didn't win the thing. *sigh* Such a frustrating cycle.

Go Naima and Caridee!!

Hope the next season will be worth my HD space for downloading..

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nooRaimanSuhairi said...

uuu..i want natasha to win...she a smart girl!i like herr...


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