Saturday, April 28, 2007

perfomance@MMU AWARDS

Malas pulak nak update.

Actually i'm not sure about the whole event but our perfomance was just ok-ok.Not great but not that horrible. we did great in rehearsal but a bit frustrated cos i screwed up in a few early steps during the real perfomance. i'm sure i could've done better.but overall, i'm satisfied with what i did. biaselah tu..nothing's perfect kan.

with the seniors

i supposed to be an angel surrounded by the devils. I love the devil's outfit more.

Ganu looks like Gordon in Power Rangers

With the 'Guru'

this was our final task for the subject.but hope we'll be given other chance as one of cikgu's dancer in the future.bcos obviously i've fall in love with dancing.i think the reason i made a mistake is bcos of my overenthusiasm. hehe.

p/s:sorry for the poor quality photos.=P


Anonymous said...

hiargh...menjelma.hehe..cantetnye superwomen ni. =P

nooRaimanSuhairi said...

spot me!! teheheeeee :D


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