Tuesday, August 22, 2006

don't judge a closet by its door...huh?!!

there's a good friend of mine telling me this stuff about how our daily routine potrays our life..

she was babling at my laziness back then when seeing my tongkang pecah closet...

what she was saying is something like this..

"kalo ko nak tengok idop orang tu camne..ko tgk almari die"

that is if you wanted to know how well the ppl organize his life..just see how he organize his closet...

and yeah.. my life at that moment is soo damn tonggang terbalik as my closet...

i started wondering and stormed to every room in the house checking everyone's closet and relates it with the owner's life..

and to my suprised..it was all makes sense..


now lets take a look at my closet..

so what picture of my life comes straight in your head right know??

okay how about my bed?

i swear this wont last longer than an hour..hehe..

motive 1.wanna show off my garfield's bedsheet..

motive 2.notice the empty laundry basket...thats mean i'm not that lazy..i handwashed my clothes regularly..(saye ulang..handwash bukan dihantar ke kedai dobi)

motive 3.i'm sleeping with 25 gorgeous guy staring at me at the side of the wall..hahaha..

motive 4.my monitor is soo huge that i call it batu belah batu bertangkop..

okay now serious..back to the topic..

my closet,bed,workplace is not that neat all the time...and my life is quite unorganized right now and i'm still trying to make my room as neat as this or probably nicer every single second..

after all...it's all about the discipline right...thats the main issues..

so let me know hows your closet look like...hehe...

p/s:please dont try to allocate things that not supposed to be there okay..(if exist)

Conclusion:Let us together make our room a better place to live...

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