Sunday, January 03, 2016

Then Which of The FAVORS of your LORD will you deny

Since I was in high school, I have this idea in my head about the kind of person i want to be.
1. I wanted to lose weight.
2. I wanted to grow up to be an independent girl with both beauty and brain.

10 years later.
I lost weight.
I grew up an independent girl, I have my youth and my wits.

Then in my degree years, it gets more specific.
3.I wanted to finish my engineering degree.
4. I wanted to be an engineer.
5. I wanted to do all the outdoor stuffs, rock climbing, bungee jumping etc.
6. I wanted to travel the world by myself.
7. I wanted to have my own house.
8. I wanted to have someone who love me with all his heart.

5 years later
I achieve ALL that.

I thought i'm the kind of person who think of what I wanted in life, and GETs it.
I'm proud of myself.
I hold on to this saying,

But then I thought, 

GOD is the one granting me all this..
Not me, 
Not solely my effort.
It's HIM who gave me what HE thought is best for me and distance me from what HE think is not.

Now the question is, 

I hope I never stop being GRATEFUL.

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