Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Of outdoor reality tv show

There are 2 TV Show that I love to watch that everybody else probably not and do not watch it anymore.

1. Survivor

Maybe people my age watched this during highschool, but not anymore at this day. But I still love watching the show till now. Because the game involve physical, social and mind game above all things. There's no definite way to play and win the game, that is why the show is still on in America after twenty something seasons, because the unexpected  elements in it. There's no certain type of people who are designed to win the game, there's always new ways and tactics and reasons to win it.

My favourite season got to be The Cook Island, where Ozzy, Yul, Sandra and Becky went the strongest four after a mutiny and go on to be the Top 4 until the end of the game. At the end, Yul Kwon end up the deserved sole Survivor.

There are some other great seasons but Cook Island is the one I can think of.
Maybe there's one of the All-Star season was good too but I can't remember, there are just too many of them.

Though, its almost the same format every season, I still cries when they met their loved ones, still happy whenever they won a food reward and still nervous on each tribal council.

Though the series are fun to watch, it's not something I'd want to do, I'll fail miserably on the social aspect of the game, I'm not a good strategist, I've bad poker face, I'm not very persuable and I can't win arguments.  I can't even argue with my mom.:P

And I couldn't stand not washing my hair for few days let alone for 39 days and of course - not having a BATH that long. Not even for a million dollars. No.:P

But I'd love to do some of the interesting challenges they did in the show and also the auction.
Those 2 are my favorites.

2. The Amazing Race

Still in the same theme as Survivor, minus the social aspect, I love The Amazing Race because they have 2 elements that I liked. Outdoor challenges and travelling. There are even few Survivor past contestants who go on and compete in The Amazing Race.

This one is the show that I really really REALLY want to participate in.
When they did the audition for The Amazing Race Asia in KL few years back, I've ask my friends -  girlfriends, guy friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, my dad and my brother to join me to go audition.
But non of them want to go with me, more or less the same answer - it'll break friendship/relationship.

It will break relationship if you LET them break it.
We all know it's not about stamina, well you gotta have some, but you don't necessary have to be an athlete either. It's all about consistency, play smart, how you handle pressure, and a little bit of luck (there are a lot of cases contestants been eliminated because their cab driver sucks or their plane got delayed or even lost their passport) but above all, enjoy the race! How many time in live you got to travel to multiple countries in various continents in just a couple of weeks?

The latest season of The Amazing Race are won by a 14 year old farmer couple. Josh and Brent.

They were not physically a threat, they're almost last in couple of legs, always in trouble in couple of others, but still holding on, and at the end win everything. I don't condone one of their habit when they keep pointing out each other mistakes when one of them did it. But hey, maybe they can tolerate that, that's why they are couple for 14 years. But for me, pointing out mistake is not helping, mistake is done, face it, and get on with your life. Pointing it out again and again won't erase the mistake. The one who did it is already feeling bad about it, pointing it out will just add salt to the wound. So no. But I love their strong will, keep on moving with no surrender.

My favourite The Amazing Race winner got to be Tammy and Victor, lawyer siblings from California.
They quarrel a lot, like siblings do, but they both are smart enough to overcome that and use their knowledge and decision making skills to go on and win the race.

Joe Jer and Zabrina -  the first ever Malaysian winner in The Amazing Race Asia

So yeah, that's one of my dream, to compete in The Amazing Race Asia. Who knows soon I might find a new friend who have the same dream, or maybe my next boyfriend won't have a problem with the idea or maybe finally my brother will agree to go to the audition with me. Who knows right? :P

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