Sunday, March 11, 2012

Money Vs Interest

Sebelum ni, bila tengok kawan-kawan yang dah mula bekerja. Bila diorang terpaksa memilih between two opportunities, they always ask the same question. Carrier that gives you fat paycheck, or the one that you love to do more than anything else?

Masa saya masih belajar dulu, laju saya jawab: Come on, it’s no brainer, of course choose the MONEY!
Tapi bila saya dah berada dalam dunia bekerja, I came to realization: It has to be INTEREST.
Why, because you will spend your whole daytime at your workplace. Everyday, every week, probably until you die. It’s practically your life. You only went home to sleep basically and go to work again the very next morning.

So I can’t imagine someone doing a job he or she despise just because the payment is good. When will you be spending all the money anyway if you had to go to the job you hated so much for 5 maybe 6 days a week. Maybe there are people who willing to do that, but I certainly can’t. My study years had been so stressful I’m hoping for a happy and enjoyable working phase of my life. God’s willing.

But of course it’s my opinion. At this time.

Who knows after sometimes, my heart will change and for some reason I’m seriously into money and leave my interest behind. So time will tell.:)


Abg Stalker said...

Duit mesti la penting.bekerja utk bkn duit semata2.minat kena ada,bru dpt duit. :D klu x de minat,kje pun jd malas dan bosan.spe nk bg gaji byk klu kje pun cm apa je.x mustahil jgk,ada je org pilih duit sampai hubungan dgn staff lain xde apa2.Minat tu mempengaruhi persekitaran jgk klu 25jam ngadap keje bkn sbb minat hny demi duit (OT),x hiraukn org lain,xde kawan,jd x enjoy la masa bekerja.da jd cm robot,yg pntg kje siap,hujung bulan poket tebal.Membazir nikmat hidup je.

-pendapat sy je,dya..:D

missnadira said...

betul betul betul..dya setuju..kalau dapat yang memang kita minat with good payment memang bonus kalau tak tu kenalah cari jalan..:P


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