Friday, August 05, 2011

A Young Model

I haven't thought of blogging for a while since I'm swamped with things lately, but this particular news really caught my interest.

This is Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, the daughter of a football player and a fashion designer. She became the attention in the net recently for her appearance in French Vogue.

She is 10 year old by the way.

Apparently, her Vogue spread has become an issue with most people bashing Vogue for capturing a child in  adult poses that could attract pedos and claiming the pictures as some derivative of child pornography. Some of them call her mom irresponsible.
The argument is that the photo will spread the idea that kids these days should look in a certain way that they will no longer want to be kids and grow up faster than they should.

I do admit that Vogue French went a 'little' overboard there since the spread ,Vogue Enfants is clearly kids collections, why don't just display them as kids rather than picture them in adult poses. I know these kind of photos are the identity of Vogue spreads but those are for adults, why don't they create a new marks for kids spread.
I for once don't agree a kid wearing a high heels or even make up in that matter.
But she doesn't even stand in those heels.

Looking at a different perspective, it's just a picture. There's been a lot of different kind of photography people had done not necessarily in fashion world, other field as well, that are as provocative and suggestive as these pictures been claimed.

I'm sure her mother did not ask her to wear make up and high heels everyday. 
Making a big fuss of her pictures will make her think that she did something wrong. She just a kid, don't put  negativity in her head just yet. 
She is a model and a damn good one at that. Don't ruin that for her.

When I looked at her picture, I just saw a stunning girl in cool dress and awesome pictures. Nothing more.

And to me her mother did a great job for her daughter considering that she supported her daughter doing what she loves at the very young age.

Look at her pictures, she's a normal kid, with her cute buck teeth.
In a way, being a model (or any side job) in young age will make her learn to be responsible and modelling in particular will do good for her confidence growing up.

When I was 10, I have friends telling me that my hand is huge or my face is too round or I'm too tall or any other unflattering comment from kids in my school,

Thylane is in VOGUE when she's 10, so who's luckier?

Thylane with her mother.

The only thing I knew, she is one lucky kid blessed with a supportive mother and good looks. Extraordinary beauty. What more could a girl wants? 


Pocket said...

tapi bukan budak kalu, camana pun comel ker? (Putting aside yg tak simetri or simply senget lah kan)

anyway.. dia patut main aci ligan diluar sana, instead of on the runway..

missnadira said...

err xfaham ayat first to..hehe..

mane kite tau die xmain aci ligan kat luar sane?:P looking from her pictures(normal ones not Vogue's), I think she's a playful child. She just got a different job than most children..:P


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